Waffen SS in the Ardennes Figures

New 1/35th-scale resin German figure sets from D-Day Miniature Studio:
   • No. 35027 — Waffen SS Soldiers at Rest, Ardennes 1944
   • No. 35030 — Waffen SS Jeep Crew, Ardennes 1944
Figures are also available individually as:
   • No. 35025 — Waffen SS Soldier Eating, Ardennes 1944
   • No. 35026 — Waffen SS Tanker, Ardennes 1944
   • No. 35028 — Waffen SS Jeep Driver, Ardennes 1944
   • No. 35029 — Waffen SS Jeep Passenger, Ardennes 1944

All figures are resin and sculpted by Pawel Krasicki. List price is 23€ for the sets, and 12€ for the individual figures.




German NCO by Ares Mythologic

Ares Mythologic has released a new WWII 75mm-scale, white metal and resin figure: AVAR-G27: German NCO 1944. Sculpted by: Oriol Quin. Box art: Jaume Ortiz. List price is 50€.



German Z-26 Destroyer

New naval kit in 1/350th-scale from Dragon Models: No. 1064: German Z-26 Destroyer. The German Zerstörer 1936A-class destroyers were referred to as Narvik class by the Allies.

German Z-26 Destroyer


ICM Maultier Halftrack Ambulance

ICM has announced a 1/35th-scale kit depicting a German Maultier halftrack ambulance from WWII: No. 35414 – V3000S/SS M Maultier with Shelter (WWII German Ambulance Truck).

V3000S/SS M Maultier with Shelter (WWII German Ambulance Truck)


ICM German Tank Riders

ICM has announced a 1/35th-scale four figure set depicting German infantry posed to ride atop a panzer: No. 35634 – German Tank Riders (1942-1945)

ICM German Tank Riders


German Covered Rail Wagon

LZ Models has released another detailed 1/35th-scale model kit in their German WWII railway line — No. 35116: 1/35 German Gr Covered Wagon.

1/35th German Gr Covered Wagon

LZ Models also released two brake sets to detail railway wagon kits from Dragon and Trumpeter: 1/35 German Kunze-Knorr Wagon Brake and 1/35 German Hildebrand-Knorr Wagon Brake.

DEF Model Pz.Kpfw. 35t Detail Kit

DEF Model has announced a 1/35th German armor detail kit for the Academy Pz.Kpfw. 35t: DM35026: Pz.Kpfw. 35t Detail Up Set with Stowage (for Academy 1/35). The kit includes a total of 24 resin parts, 2 PE plate, and 1 brass rod. Details include resin stowage and muffler parts, accurate jack parts, and detailed plate spring parts.

DEF Model DM35026 Panzer 35(t) Update Kit

Walther PP & PPK Police Pistols

The following report on the Walther PP & PPK Pistols was published in Foreign Military Weapons and Equipment, Vol. III, Infantry Weapons, Pamphlet No. 30-7-4, Department of the Army, 1954.

7.65-mm Walther Pistols Model PP and PPK

Walther PPK Pistol

The Walther models PP and PPK were the official German police side arms from 1929 until VE-day. Both models were widely adopted by the police departments in numerous other European countries. They are almost identical in appearance, but the model PP is 5/8-inch longer and weighs 4½ ounces more than the PPK. A loading-pin indicator, similar to that found on the Walther P-38, is found on both models of this weapon produced prior to World War II, but on many wartime models of the PPK no indicator pins were furnished. Because of the excellent balance, dependability, and compactness these pistols were widely used by German military personnel. Both models are recognized by: (1) Their streamlined receivers; (2) a barrel which protrudes beyond the forward end of the slide; (3) and a barrel mounted solidly to the receiver.

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1/35th Figures from Corsar Rex

Corsar Rex has created a new “big set” of 1/35th-scale resin Wehrmacht figures — CR-35051: GERMAN SOLDIERS. The figures are sculpted by Kordyukov Igor and Travianskiy Sergey (Menelay). Samples were painted by Veretelnikov Maxim and “’Corsar Rex”’ Studio. The set of five figures consists of the releases: CR-35003, CR-35034, CR-35035, CR-35048, and CR-35049. Corsar Rex German Soldiers Wehrmacht

New 1/10th-Scale Busts from Young Miniatures

Two new 1/10th-scale resin figure busts from Young Miniatures.

SL001: British Tank Crew WWII – Breaktime
Size: 1/10th Scale
Material: Resin
Pieces: 5
Designed by Young B Song & Painted by Jin Kim

SL002: German Feldgendarmerie WWII with Friend
Size: 1/10th Scale
Material: Resin
Pieces: 5
Designed & Painted by Michael Lee

british tank crew wwii german wwii soldier and dog