155-mm Gun M2

Data pertaining to the 155-mm gun M2, the carriage M1 or M1A1, the 155-mm gun mount M13 (T14), and the limbers M2 and M5. All data from the WWII U.S. War Department Technical Manual TM 9-350: 155-mm Gun M2; Carriage M1 and M1A1, Gun Mount M13; Heavy Carriage Limber M2 and M5; and Firing Platform M1, May 1945.


a. Data pertaining to 155-mm gun M2.


Weight of gun (complete with breech mechanism)     9,595 lb
Weight of tube assembly (barrel)   9,190 lb
Length of tube   277.37 in.
Length of bore   cal. .45
Length of rifling   230.57 in.
Powder pressure (normal pressure with maximum charge in a new gun) lb per square in   40,000
Type of breecblock   Interrupted screw
Weight of breech mechanism   405 lb
Type of firing mechanism   continuous pull percussion hammer


Muzzle velocity (average velocity with a new gun in feet per second):
     Shell AP (Maximum zone charge)   2,745 fps
     Shell HE (Maximum zone charge)   2,800 fps
Range: (Maximum)
     AP Shell   24,075 yd
     HE Shell   25,715 yd
Rate of fire:
     Normal   round 1 (per 2 minutes)

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German 105-mm Howitzer

Three views of the German 105-mm howitzer (10.5 cm leFH 18, leichte FeldHaubitze) from the U.S. War Department technical manual TM E9-325A: German 105-mm Howitzer Materiel, June 1944.

German 105-mm Howitzer and Carriage, Firing Position

German 105-mm Howitzer and Carriage, Firing Position

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Introduction to the Bazooka

Introduction to the “bazooka” (2.36-inch AT Rocket Launcher M1A1) from the technical manual TM 9-294: 2.36-inch A.T. Rocket Launcher M1A1, War Department Technical Manual, September, 1943.



a. This manual is published for the information and guidance of personnel charged with the operation and maintenance of the 2.36-inch AT Rocket Launcher M1A1. It contains information required by the using arms to identify, use, care, and preserve the materiel and the ammunition used therewith. In addition, it contains information required by ordnance personnel for the maintenance and repair of the materiel.

2. CHARACTERISTICS (figs. 1 and 2).

a. The 2.36-inch AT Rocket Launcher M1A1 is an electrically operated weapon of the open tube type. It is fired from the shoulder in the standing, kneeling, sitting, or prone positions. It is used to launch high-explosive rockets against tanks, armored vehicles, pill boxes, and emplacements. The rockets weigh approximately 3½ pounds and are capable of penetrating heavy armor at angles of impact up to 30 degrees. The weapon can be aimed up to distances of 300 yards. Greater ranges may be obtained by estimating the angle of elevation. The maximum range is 700 yards.

Figure 1 -- 2.36-Inch AT Rocket Launcher M1A1 -- Left Side View

Figure 1 -- 2.36-Inch AT Rocket Launcher M1A1 -- Left Side View

Figure 2 -- 2.36-Inch AT Rocket Launcher M1A1 -- Right Side View

Figure 2 -- 2.36-Inch AT Rocket Launcher M1A1 -- Right Side View

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M4 Track Tension

Illustration of correct and incorrect track tension on the M4A2 tank from the M4A2 technical manual. The tank crew were instructed to inspect the track tension regularly and tighten the track if it shows noticeable sag.

M4 Sherman Tank Tracks

Track with insufficient tension

Tank Tracks

Track with proper tension

Source: TM 9-731B: Medium Tank M4A2, War Department Technical Manual, January 1943.