Walther PP & PPK Police Pistols

The following report on the Walther PP & PPK Pistols was published in Foreign Military Weapons and Equipment, Vol. III, Infantry Weapons, Pamphlet No. 30-7-4, Department of the Army, 1954.

7.65-mm Walther Pistols Model PP and PPK

Walther PPK Pistol

The Walther models PP and PPK were the official German police side arms from 1929 until VE-day. Both models were widely adopted by the police departments in numerous other European countries. They are almost identical in appearance, but the model PP is 5/8-inch longer and weighs 4½ ounces more than the PPK. A loading-pin indicator, similar to that found on the Walther P-38, is found on both models of this weapon produced prior to World War II, but on many wartime models of the PPK no indicator pins were furnished. Because of the excellent balance, dependability, and compactness these pistols were widely used by German military personnel. Both models are recognized by: (1) Their streamlined receivers; (2) a barrel which protrudes beyond the forward end of the slide; (3) and a barrel mounted solidly to the receiver.

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Sauer Pistol M1938

The following report on the Sauer Pistol M1938 was published in Foreign Military Weapons and Equipment, Vol. III, Infantry Weapons, Pamphlet No. 30-7-4, Department of the Army, 1954.

7.65-mm Sauer Pistol M1938
(7.65-mm SAUER PISTOLE, MODEL 1938)

Sauer Pistol M1938

The Sauer M1938 pistol, a commercial product, was adopted as substitute-standard by Germany during World War II and was widely used by the air, armored, and police units. This weapon, one of the most advanced types of pocket automatic pistols, was originally designed and issued as a police pistol. The barrel on the M38 patrol is mounted rigidly to the receiver in the same manner as on the Walther PP and PPK pistols. The double-action system is one of the simplest and best yet devised, and is fitted with a unique external lever to permit lowering or raising the concealed hammer manually. This weapon also has an unusual magazine in that a projection on the right side of the magazine wall forces the trigger bar up to make rear contact when the magazine is inserted, thereby functioning as a safety feature.

Salient recognition features are: (1) Thumb safety on left rear of slide; (2) checkered top of slide for an aid in quick sighting; (3) external thumbpiece for raising and lowering the hammer; (4) magazine catch on left side behind the trigger guard; and (5) double-action feature of the trigger mechanism.

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