Allied Uniforms

Allied Army, Navy, and Air Force Uniforms: Newsmap, U.S. War Department, March 1943.

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Soviet Infantry

Soviet Infantry WW2

Soviet Infantry (Click to Enlarge)

Source: Newsmap, U.S. Army Service Forces, Army Information Branch, February 1, 1943.

USMC Trucks

Color photographs of USMC trucks and men at New River, North Carolina in May 1942 from the Library of Congress.

WW2 Color Photographs Marine Uniforms U.S. Marine Corps Trucks Color Photographs of WWII USMC Color Photo Trucks WW2

Care of Clothing and Equipment

From The Ordnance Soldier’s Guide, 3rd Edition, Ordnance Replacement Training Center, Aberdeen Proving Ground:

RESPONSIBILITY FOR PROPERTY: Clothing and equipment issued to you are government property. If any articles are lost or damaged through your fault or negligence you will be required to pay for them. If you were responsible for the loss or damage, through fault or negligence, then you should admit that fact by signing a “Statement of Charges.” If, however, you believe that you were not responsible, do not sign this statement. In the latter case a “Report of Survey” will be made out and a Surveying Officer will determine whether or not you are to be held responsible. When articles of clothing or equipment have become worn out through ordinary wear and tear, no one is held responsible for the value and the worn articles may be exchanged for new ones.

WWII Care of Soldiers Clothing and Uniform in Basic Training

CARE AND CLEANING OF SHOULDER WEAPONS: Rifle and Carbine—Clean metal parts with sperm oil. Clean bore with rifle bore cleaner or G.I. soap and hot water. Treat stock and hand guards with linseed oil. Treat sling with neatsfoot oil.

WW2 Soldier's Care and Cleaning of Weapons and Equipment

CARE OF TENTING EQUIPMENT: Pegs: Do not hammer pegs into hard ground. Canvas: Brush and dry thoroughly before folding and storing. Rope: Wash thoroughly and dry before storing.


Luftwaffe Uniforms

German Luftwaffe Uniforms of WWII:

German Luftwaffe WW2 Air Force Uniforms

Air Force Uniforms: Officers and Enlisted Men

German WW2 Paratrooper Fallschirmjaeger Uniform

Air Force Uniforms: Miscellaneous

Source: TM-E 30-451: Handbook on German Military Forces, U.S. War Department, 1943.

Italian Navy Uniforms and Insignia

Italian Navy Uniforms and Insignia:

WWII Italian Navy Uniforms and Insignia

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U.S. Army Camouflage Uniform

The rather rare U.S. Army camouflage HBT (herringbone twill) uniform being worn by soldiers of the 406th Infantry Regiment, 102nd Infantry Division during training. [Source: Collection.]

U.S. Army WWII HBT Camouflage Uniform, 406th Infantry Regiment, 102nd Infantry Division

© Collection

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Soviet Insignia of Rank

Soviet Insignia of Rank: Officers

Soviet Insignia of Rank: Non-Commissioned Officers

Source: Newsmap, U.S. Army Service Forces, Army Information Branch, February 1, 1943.

German Rifleman Uniform

The Handbook on German Army Identification was printed in 1943 by Military Intelligence Training Center, Camp Ritchie, Maryland. The handbook was designed to provide a reference manual for intelligence personnel in combat operations. The handbook included the following illustrations of a typical German army rifleman uniform.

German Rifleman – Deutscher Schütze:

German Rifleman Uniform WW2

Helmet, brim type, belt (Koppel), leather, buckle showing (Koppelschloss). Ammunition pouches, 3 each side, bayonet, short, sharp spade.

German Rifleman Uniform WW2

Gas mask over right hip, canteen (Feldflasche) and rations bag (Brotbeutel). Long trousers tucked into half-length boots.


Japanese Army Uniforms

The February 7, 1944 issue of NEWSMAP illustrated Japanese uniforms, equipment, and insignia:

Japanese Army Uniforms of World War II

Two examples of the detail drawings:

Japanese Private Infantry Rifleman PRIVATE, INFANTRY RIFLEMAN: M1938 BLOUSE, FRONT
Sampachi (Meiji 38) rifle, rubberized fabric or leather cartridge pouches; gas mask carrier under left arm. The chevron worn on right arm is a diligence stripe.
The fibre material of which the jacket is made may vary with the color of the foliage in the area in which jacket is worn.
Japanese Camouflage Jungle Jacket

(For another view of the Japanese camouflage uniform, see Japanese Camouflage Garment, Tactical and Technical Trends, No. 14, Dec. 17, 1942.)

Source: NEWSMAP, Volume II, No. 42F, February 7, 1944 by Army Information Branch.