Char B1 Bis Kit from Verlinden

Unique new April release from Verlinden Productions: Item No. 2761: 1:35th Scale Point Blank Char B1 Bis (Tamiya). Description from Verlinden’s product page: We have never seen such a beat up French vehicle! (and we have been to a few second hand Renault dealers in the past) This WWII vintage Char B1 Bis is seen here includes five parts of the tank seemingly used for target practice. This can be used with a current kit or strewn around the deck in a diorama or with a smaller vignette.

Verlinden 1:35 Scale Point Blank Char B1 Bis (Tamiya) #2761

Verlinden 1:35 Scale Point Blank Char B1 Bis (Tamiya) #2761


12.8cm Kanone (K 81/2) Model Kit

128mm German Antitank Gun (12.8cm Kanone K 81/2)ACE Models has announced the release of the 1/72nd-scale 12.8cm Kanone (K 81/2) PaK 44. See Catalog of Enemy Ordnance: 12.8 cm K. 44, Medium Field Gun.


HobbyBoss April News

New armor and aircraft model kits from HobbyBoss:

  • Item No.: 80297 — 1:72, German Ju88 Fighter
  • Item No.: 81707 — 1:48, Antonov AN-2M Colt
  • Item No.: 83805 — 1:35, German Pz.Kpfw. I Ausf. F (VK18.01) Late

German Ju88 Fighter Antonov AN-2M Colt German Pz.Kpfw. I Ausf. F (VK18.01) Late

105mm Howitzer M101 from Verlinden

A new WWII artillery release from Verlinden Productions in resin at 1/35th scale: #2763: 105mm Howitzer M101 WWII Crew-Ammo-Gear, 1:35th Scale. The complete kit is priced at $38.95 online. The set includes four figures in resin: commander issuing firing orders on his walkie-talkie, a loader, a soldier firing the gun, and another G.I. covering his ears. The set also includes spent and unspent shells, shells in their cases, ammo boxes, jerry cans, containers, canvas sleeping bags, packs, water bottles, entrenching tools, and a pistol in it’s holster.

1:35 Scale 105mm Howitzer M101 WWII Crew-Ammo-Gear #2763

#2763: 1/35th Scale 105mm Howitzer M101 WWII Crew-Ammo-Gear


Navy Educational Services


Source: Bureau of Naval Personnel Information Bulletin, March 1944.