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SU-100 Track Repair

Drawing of the proper method of track repair on the Russian SU-100 tank destroyer — from the Russian vehicle manual.

SU-100 Russian Self-Propelled Gun Track Repair

German Elite Infantry, Russia 1941-43

New four figure 1/35th-scale plastic model kit is released by DragonKit No. 6707: German Elite Infantry, Russia 1941-43 (1:35 ’39 – ’45 Series).

German Elite Infantry Russia 1941-1943 by Dragon

Me 109 Drop Tanks

Me 109 Drop Tanks (Betriebsstoff-Zusatzanlage) photographs and diagrams from Bf 109 G-4 Flugzeug-Handbuch:

Me 109 Wing Drop Tanks Betriebsstoff-Zusatzanlage Me 109 Betriebsstoff-Zusatzanlage Bf 109 Drop Tanks Fuel Diagram Me 109 Betriebsstoff-Zusatzanlage Bf 109 Drop Tanks

Daimler-Benz DB 603 Aircraft Engine

Intelligence report on the Daimler-Benz DB 603 aircraft engine from Informational Intelligence Summary, Office of the Assistant Chief of Air Staff, Intelligence, Washington, D.C.


Recent examinations of several DB 603 engines have revealed details hitherto unknown. The DB 603 engine, it will be noted, is used currently in the Me 410, the Do 217M, possibly as “doubles” in the He 177, in the new type FW 190 and probably in other new type German aircraft.

1. The general characteristics and specifications of this engine are presented below:

a. Type: 12 cylinder inverted “V”.

b. Bore: 162 mm (6.38 in.).

c. Stroke: 180 mm (7.09 in.).

d. Piston displacement: 44.5 liters (2,720 cu. in.).

e. Compression ratio: 7.1 (possibly increased when 100 octane is used).

f. Impeller diameter: 295 mm (11.61 in.).

g. Supercharger drive: Fottinger, hydraulic compressor; basic gear ratio 9.22:1.

h. Length: 85 in.

i. Width: 30 in.

j. Height: 26 in.

k. Dry weight: 2,120 lbs.

2. Power Out-Put: A preliminary estimate of the power out-put of this engine at maximum emergency rating, using 87 or 100 octane fuel, is given in Table I.

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Tanks of the British Army

( U.S. War Department, Newsmap )


WAVES Study For Jobs On Link Program

WAVES train to operate the Link Celestial Navigation Trainer at NAS Seattle from Naval Aviation News, August 1, 1944.

WAVES Study For Jobs On Link Program

The first all-WAVE class to attend Naval Training School (Link Celestial Navigation Trainer) at NAS Seattle was launched recently with 35 WAVE Link trainer operators chosen from all sections of the country attending.

WAVES Celestial Navigation Link Trainer WW2


Although these WAVES are pioneers in the course given by Naval Air Technical Training Command, first experiment to determine adaptability of women to the job was done with three WAVE Link operators from NAS Seattle. No more men will be given the course at the two Link Celestial schools at Seattle and NAS Quonset Point.

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Tojo Fighter


The information contained in this summary should be transferred immediately to Informational Intelligence Summary No. 43-26, “Japanese Aircraft and Armament,” revised September 1943.

New Japanese Type 2 Single-Engine Fighter, TOJO


1. Informational Intelligence Summaries No. 43-49 of 10 November and No. 43-51 of 30 November contained certain previously known details of the Type 2 single-engine fighter TOJO. A recent report has been received that includes sketches and drawings of this aircraft, these being reproduced in Fig. 6. Data supplementary to that given in the Summaries mentioned above follows:

a. Wing is constructed in six sections. It is joined by bolted-type joints at the centerline, and at points 6 1/2 ft., and 12 ft. 11 in. outboard from the centerline, the last-named being the tip attachment. Each wing, therefore, is composed of sections 6 1/2 ft., 6 ft. 5 in. and 2 ft. 8 in. long. No protective or de-icing devices are on or in wing leading edge.

Nakajima Ki-44 Shoki Tojo Fighter

Figure 6: Tojo

b. Fowler type flaps are operated hydraulically as well as the engine cowl flaps. A hand hydraulic pump is incorporated in the system as well as the engine-driven pump.

c. Cockpit is high-set over wing, with little streamlining.

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Dragon Figure: Leutnant “Josef Paulus”, Gebirgsjäger Officer

New 1/6th-scale Dragon WWII figure covering the Italian Front in 1944: Item No. 70854, Leutnant “Josef Paulus”, Gebirgsjäger Officer, Gebirgs-Regt 85, 5. Gebirgs-Division, Gustav Line, Italy 1944. Scheduled for release September 2012.

Leutnant Josef Paulus, Gebirgsjäger Officer, Gebirgs-Regt 85, 5. Gebirgs-Division, Gustav Line, Italy 1944

Railcar Loading of the Me 109

Bf 109 Fighter Plane Railroad Car and Train Car Transport

Source: "BF109 F-1 bis F-4 Flugzeughandbuch", May 1941.


90-mm Antiaircraft Gun Emplacement

90mm Antiaircraft Gun M1 Emplacement

Gun battery emplacements. Camouflage omitted. (FM 5-15: Field Fortifications, U.S. War Department, February 1944.)