The Doolittle Raid

Old U.S. Air Force video of the WWII Doolittle Raid in April 1942, when B-25 Mitchell bombers took off from the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS Hornet to attack the Japanese islands.


9th Army: Aachen to the Roer River

American 9th Army: Aachen to the Roer River, U.S. War Department Historical Film.


Allied Armies Face General Winter

Allied armies face rain and snow of “General Winter” as troops advance through France, Belgium, Holland and Germany.


Western Canadian Regional Model Contest 2012

Testor’s ScaleWorkshop No. 93: The Western Canadian Regional Model Contest 2012 — Testor’s ScaleWorkshop visits the 2012 Western Canadian Regional Model Contest in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The video includes appearances from Tom Cockle, Spencer Pollard, Mark Proulx, and Ron Volstad along with tons of dioramas, airplanes, ships, and armor builds in all scales.


T26E3 Heavy Tank

Training film introduction to the U.S. T-26 heavy tank (later named the M26 Pershing):


A Fifth Army Report from the Beachhead

Fifth Army reports from the Anzio beachhead during Operation Shingle:


Submachine Gun Sounds

The original, authentic sounds of the U.S. M1928A1 Thompson, the U.S. M3 Grease Gun, and the German MP-40 “Schmeisser” taken from a WWII training film.


U.S. 4th Infantry Division in WW2

The U.S. 4th Infantry Division (the “Famous Fourth” or the “Ivy Division”) in action in World War 2. The 4th Infantry Division fought prominently in Operation Overlord, the Battle of Hurtgen Forest, and the Battle of the Bulge. The 8th Infantry Regiment of the 4th Infantry Division was the first surface-borne Allied unit to land at Utah Beach on D-Day.


Memphis Belle Departs for Home

The famous B-17 Flying Fortress “Memphis Belle” and her crew depart England for home.


Glider Pickup at Eindhoven

Gliders used in Operation Market Garden are retrieved from Holland to be used again in future airborne operations. A special glider pickup device is used to allow the gliders to be retrieved without landing the tow plane.