How’s Your Sherman, Herman?

M4 Sherman Tank modification and upgrades from Army Motors, Maintenance Branch, Office of Chief of Ordnance, Vol. 5, No. 1, April 1944:

If it’s a Tank, Medium, M4—here are the visible changes that should have been made by now. Check your score—and chase whatever’s missing.

How is Your Sherman, Herman - U.S. Army M4 Tank Modifications and Upgrades

Sorry our list couldn’t quite Tell All. For details on the above additions, subtractions, and modifications, you’ll have to consult the TB’s and FSMWO’s themselves. There are plenty of other TB’s you should have seen, too—full of fascinating facts on M4 operation, identification, lubrication, adjustments, cautions, and assorted SOP’s.

You’ll find all these cataloged in the latest edition of OFSB 1-1, under “pertinent publications” for the Tank, Medium, M4. Anything else is impertinent, including that remark you just made about having so much to read.

Left, top to bottom: New towing shackle-pins FSMWO-G1-W7; New style combat safety lights. FSMWO G1-W9; Disc type track idler wheel. TB 1700-31; Idler brackets. TB 17538-4; Fuel tank filler necks, FSMWO G104-W63; Crowbar bracket relocation, TB 700-48; Mono-gyro control, FSMWO C56-W1; Turret traversing control cam, FSMWO G104-W55; Turret armor plate, FSMWO G104-W57; Azimuth indicator, FSMWO G104-W74; Ammunition rack protector plate, FSMWO G104-W81; Improved turret master switch, FSMWO G104-W82; Gunner’s periscope sight, FSMWO G104-W91; Combination spot and signal fight, FSMWO G104-W92; Smoke bomb thrower, FSMWO G104-W93; Tank commander’s vane sight, FSMWO G104-W94; Impulse firing solenoid, FSMWO G104-W97; Hydraulic hand turret traverse, TB 1731F-1; Lift hooks on gun shield, TB 1758-2; Propeller shaft U-joint tube. TB ORD 12; Track support roller spacer, FSMWO G1-W2; Bogie lift modification, FSMWO G27-W1; Bogie spring bottom seat, TB 700-32; Cast track support roller, TB 700-46**; Bogie wheel bearings and seats, TB 700-72**; Steel track replacement, TB 700-106; Bogie wheel tire sidewalls, TB 1700-36; Bogie and idler wheels (outside U.S. only) TB ORD 22; Hub sprocket capscrew, TB 700-70**; Latest type blackout driving light, FSMWO G1-W6.

Right, top to bottom: Fuel relief valve, FSMWO G104-W65; New type cam assembly, TB 700-52**; Magneto timing change, TB 700-53**; Oil filter replacement elemerts, TB 700-76; Fire detector system, TB 700-98; Interchanging master clutch, TB 731A-6*; Engine oil tank level gage, TB 731 A-7*; Fuel line and accelerator ccntrol rod, TB 731A-11*; Carburetor dust guard, TB 1700-18; Excessive clutch release pressure, TB 1700-35; Bendix-Stromberg carburetor, TB 1725-16; Carburetor economizer seats, TB 1730-1; Valve and magneto timing, TB 1750D-2; Valve and magneto timing, TB 1750D-3; Carburetcr air horn drain plug screens, TB 1751-1; Piston ring change, TB 1751-11; Sealing of engine shroud, TB 1751-12; Valve rocker arm clamp screw, TB 1751-13; Front main Dearing support, T3 1751-17; Autolite generator regulators, TB 731A-10*; Decontaminating apparatus, TB 700-58; Steering lever parking brake, FSMWO G1-W5; Driver’s and ass’t driver’s door lock, FSMWO G104-W75; Hatch guards, FSMWO G104-W83; Clutch pedal interference, TB 700-49; Instrument panel voltmeter, TB 700-68**; Transmission synchronizer assembly, TB 1700-19; Transmission pinion gear shim, TB 1700-22; Transmission clutch gears, TB 1700-23; Differential compensating pinion, TB 1750-4; Transmission oil pump, TB 1750-5.

*Superseded by TM 9-731A (23 Dec. 43)
**Included in TM 9-731A (23 Dec. 43)


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