New Figures from Corsar Rex

Corsar Rex has released new 1/35th-scale resin figures depicting WWII German troops in winter uniforms. The big set contains five figures — CR 35089: GERMAN SOLDIERS, Wehrmacht & Waffen SS, Big Sets — or each figure can be ordered individually — CR 35084: GERMAN SOLDIER, Wehrmacht; CR 35085: GERMAN SOLDIER, Wehrmacht; CR 35086: GERMAN SOLDIER, Wehrmacht; CR 35087: GERMAN SOLDIER, Waffen SS; and CR 35088: GERMAN SOLDIER, Waffen SS.



Wehrmacht Officers from Mantis Miniatures

New Wehrmacht figures have been announced by Mantis Miniatures in 1/35th-scale: 35070 – Wehrmacht Officers. The figures are sculpted by Nino Pizzichemi and painted by: Man Jin Kim. Listed price is 22€.


The figures are also available individually as 35068 – Wehrmacht Officer and 35069 – German Adjutant.


ICM German Tank Riders

ICM has announced a 1/35th-scale four figure set depicting German infantry posed to ride atop a panzer: No. 35634 – German Tank Riders (1942-1945)

ICM German Tank Riders


1/35th Figures from Corsar Rex

Corsar Rex has created a new “big set” of 1/35th-scale resin Wehrmacht figures — CR-35051: GERMAN SOLDIERS. The figures are sculpted by Kordyukov Igor and Travianskiy Sergey (Menelay). Samples were painted by Veretelnikov Maxim and “’Corsar Rex”’ Studio. The set of five figures consists of the releases: CR-35003, CR-35034, CR-35035, CR-35048, and CR-35049. Corsar Rex German Soldiers Wehrmacht

New Dragon Figure: 11. Infanterie-Division, East Prussia, 1941

New 1/6th-scale Dragon WWII figure covering the first summer of combat on the Eastern Front: Item No. 70856, Schütze “Dieter Müller” Wehrmacht-Heer Infantry, Infanterie-Regiment 23, 11. Infanterie-Division, East Prussia 1941. Scheduled for release November 2012.

Schütze Dieter Müller Wehrmacht-Heer Infantry, Infanterie-Regiment 23, 11. Infanterie-Division, East Prussia 1941

Erkennungsmarke (German Dog Tag)

From Handbook on German Army Identification, U.S. Military Intelligence Training Center, Camp Ritchie, Maryland, 1943:

German identification tag (Erkennungsmarke).

a. It is believed that every German officer and soldier carries an identification tag, which is usually worn around the neck. The tag is made of zinc, is oval in shape, and measures about 2 by 2¾ inches. It is divided into an upper and a lower part by perforations. Each half bears identical markings.

b. When a man is killed, the lower half of the tag is broken offand sent back to Germany and the upper half is buried with the body. Identification tags captured up to the present bear only the unit, subunit, and a number. This number is also inscribed on the first page of the pay book (Soldbuch). The tag also bears a letter or two letters indicating to which blood group he belongs (A, B, AB, or O). The identification tag seldom shows the unit in which the man concerned is now serving unless he has lost the original disk issued to him on being assigned to a depot unit and his present unit has issued a replacement. The tag may record the existence of a previously unidentified unit.

c. A report should always be made of the entries on the tags.

WWII Wehrmacht Erkennungsmarke - German Dog Tag Disc

A captured identification tag of the old type. 168 is the personal number. 9th Company of the 61st Infantry Regiment. Blood group "A".

WW2 Erkennungsmarke - German Dog Tag Disc

8 is the personal number. Stb. means Staff. 7 Pz. Abw. means 7th Division Antitank Battalion. Blood group "O".

German Soldat Dogtag, Erkennungsmarke WW2 Wehrmacht

83 is the personal number. 1st Company of 111th Infantry Regiment (formerly of 87th Infantry Regiment). Blood group "O".

WWII Erkennungsmarke - German Dog Tag Disc

The new type identification tag, five-digit serial number indicates field post number which is that of the messing unit. 36 is the personal number.


Wehrmacht Infantry Gruppe

The German Infantry Gruppe from Newsmap published by the U.S. War Department.

Wehrmacht WW2 Infantry Gruppe

WW2 German Infantry Squad

WW2 Wehrmacht Platoon Weapons


Germans Surrender in Czechoslovakia

U.S. Army video of German troops surrendering in Czechoslovakia in 1945:

  • Part 1 — German soldiers, wagons, and trucks surrender. U.S. soldiers inspect abandoned German equipment and artillery. Wehrmacht soldiers in a Schwimmwagen are directed forward by U.S. soldiers.
  • Part 2 — German general discusses surrender with American officers. German prisoners, including several women, are loaded into an American truck.
  • Part 3 — German prisoners march through town to assembly point. German bicycle troops move past. German prisoners assembled. German vehicle and artillery dump.
  • Part 4 — Surrendered German horses, wagon, and trucks. Men of the U.S. 97th Infantry Division.
  • Part 5 — American jeeps pass column of German vehicles. German vehicles assembled in a field. German columns, including Sdkfz 250 and Sdkfz. 251 halftracks, move past civilians in a town.

WW2 Kubelwagen German Artillery Surrenders German Column WW2 German Motorcycle Rider German WW2 Wagons Krupp Protze Officers of 97th Infantry Division Sdkfz 250 Halftrack Sdkfz 251. Halftrack Surrender Wehrmacht Cars Wehrmacht Surrender


Captured Jeeps

Jeep Captured by Germans in WW2

Fallschirmjäger inspect a captured American Jeep and trailer. A German amphibious Volkswagen Schwimmwagen is parked in the background. (Creative Commons: Bundesarchiv, Bild 101I-584-2159-27 / Reich / CC-BY-SA)

Beute Amerikanischer Jeep - Wehrmacht WWII

Wehrmacht panzer troops with a captured American Jeep in Northern France during the Summer of 1944. (Creative Commons: Bundesarchiv, Bild 101I-301-1970-33 / Hasse / CC-BY-SA)

Captured Jeep

In the same location as above, German soldiers point out the U.S. marking for the cameraman. (Creative Commons: Bundesarchiv, Bild 101I-301-1970-34 / Hasse / CC-BY-SA)

Captured Russian Jeep, Eastern Front, WW2

German soldiers in a captured Soviet jeep on the Eastern Front. (Creative Commons: Bundesarchiv, Bild 169-0938 / Unknown / CC-BY-SA)