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Abandoned Tiger I of sPzAbt. 508

Destroyed German Tiger of sPzAbt. 508

Destroyed German Tiger of sPzAbt. 508 (click to enlarge)

An abandoned German Panzer VI “Tiger” of schwere Heeres Panzer Abteilung 508 (sPzAbt. 508) near Giulianello, Italy is shown in this photo from the National Archives. A tow rod is still mounted on the front of the Tiger.

The original caption reads: A German tank and car lie useless beside the road somewhere between Cori and Artena, Italy, after being dive-bombed and strafed by fighter-bombers of the First Tactical Air Force.

sPzAbt. 508 lost heavily in the region around Cori, Italy during the Allied breakout from Anzio. According to Tigers in Combat, sPzAbt. 508 lost 7 Tiger tanks in Cori which had to be blown up due to lack of fuel and 11 more Tigers near Giulianello.