SBS Model Toldi Sets

SBS Model has released three new 1/35th-scale resin and photoetch sets for the Hobbyboss Toldi I kit — 35014: 1/35 Toldi Tools and Equipment (Toldi I, Toldi II, Toldi III) for Hobbyboss Kit; 35015: 1/35 Toldi I (B20) corrected turret (without barrel) for Hobbyboss Kit; and 35016: 1/35 Toldi I (B20) corrected turret (with metal barrel) for Hobbyboss Kit.

toldi-SBS35014 toldi-SBS35015 toldi-SBS35016-1


German AFV Crewmen, Ukraine, 1944

New 1/35th-scale five figure resin set from Stalingrad: S-3090: “Brief Lunch”, German AFV Crewmen, Ukraine 1944 Big Set. Each figure is available individually as S-3091, S-3092, S-3093, S-3094 and S-3095.

Brief Lunch, German AFV Crewmen, Ukraine, 1944, Big Set


1/10th-Scale 101st Airborne Bust

New 1/10th-scale resin bust from Young Miniatures: 101st Airborne Division WWII – Currahee [SL003]. Figure designed by Young B. Song and painted by Kirill Kanaev. The kit release celebrates the 10th anniversary of Young Miniatures.



Mustang Pilot on Iwo Jima Figure

New resin, 75mm scale, figure announcement from A C Models in New Zealand: No. ACM75017-USAAF Pilot, 15th FG, Iwo Jima.



New ToRo Model Polish Figures

Three new resin figures from ToRo Model covering Polish Marines, Infantry, and Cavalry in 1939: No. 35F65: Polish Cavalryman, September 1939; No. 35F66: Polish Infantryman, September 1939; and No. 35F67: Polish Marine, September 1939. All figures are resin with decals for Polish markings and insignia.



German NCO by Ares Mythologic

Ares Mythologic has released a new WWII 75mm-scale, white metal and resin figure: AVAR-G27: German NCO 1944. Sculpted by: Oriol Quin. Box art: Jaume Ortiz. List price is 50€.



2nd Armored Div. Resin Bust

New 1/10th-scale resin bust from Young Miniatures: YM1852 – Hell on Wheels, 2nd Armored Division, WWII. Master by Young B. Song. Painted by Jin Kim.


Waffen SS Officer Resin Bust

New 1/10th-scale resin bust from Young Miniatures: YM1851 – German Waffen SS Panzer Officer, WWII. Master by Young B. Song. Painted by Kirill Kanaev.


German Infantry in Action from Stalingrad

Stalingrad has announced a new big set of ten figures depicting German infantry in action during WWII: S-3060: German Infantry in Action, 1939-43, Big Set. The figures can also be purchased individually.



LZ Models German sIG 33/2 Jagdpanzer 38(t)

From LZ Models, a new 1/35th-scale resin and PE conversion kit of the German sIG 33/2 Jagdpanzer 38(t) conversion set. Kit includes a detailed and accurate conversion with 120 resin parts and over 350 PE parts (including shell mounts and ammo cartridges), plastic parts, and wires.

LZ Models German sIG 33/2 Jagdpanzer 38(t)