M4 Medium Tank Characteristics

Summary of M4 SHerman tank characteristics from the training booklet Tracked Vehicle Chassis Units, The Armored School, Fort Knox.




2. DESCRIPTION. a. Characteristics

    76-mm Gun, M1A1
    2 cal .30 machine guns
    1 cal .50 machine guns

    71 rds 76-mm
    6250 rds cal .30
    660 rds cal .50

Fire Control Equipment:
    Telescope, M71D
    Periscope, M10 or M4A1
    Elevation Quadrant, M9
    Gunner’s Quadrant, M1

Vision Devices:
    Vision cupola
    Periscopes, M6 (4 each)

    5 men

    Ford, 500 HP @ 2800 rpms
    Model GAN, V-8

    Double plate

    Synchromesh, 5 speeds forward and 1 reverse

    Controlled differential

    23″ steel chevron, rubber backed, double pin, T80
    23″ rubber chevron, double pin, T84

    Length, 247″
    Height, 124 7/8″
    Width, 118″

    Combat loaded, 71,175 lbs

Fuel Capacity:
    168 gallons

Cruising Range:
    100 miles

Maximum Speed:
    25 mph

Ground Clearance:

Fording Depth:


U.S. Army Drivers Figures from MiniArt

New announcement from MiniArt of a 1/35th-scale Allied figures kit in process No. 35180: U.S. ARMY DRIVERS. The Miniart kit contains models of five WWII figures in a variety of poses.

us-army-drivers-35180 (original)


Soviet Aerosan from Dragon

The new Dragon Models 1/6th-scale model kit depicts the Russian RF-8/GAZ-98 Aerosan motorized sled developed for the harsh winter conditions of the Russian Front: Item No. 75044: 1/6th Soviet Aerosan Rf-8/Gaz-98.



Waffen SS Officer Resin Bust

New 1/10th-scale resin bust from Young Miniatures: YM1851 – German Waffen SS Panzer Officer, WWII. Master by Young B. Song. Painted by Kirill Kanaev.


U.S. Military Policeman and Motorcycle

From MiniArt, a kit in process announcement for a 1/35th-scale MP with motorcycle from WWII: No. 35168: U.S. MILITARY POLICEMAN with MOTORCYCLE. The model kit contains 117 parts depicting both the motorcycle and MP figure.



12-Inch Mortar M1912

Description and characteristics of the 12-inch Mortar M1912 from TM 9-458: 12-inch Mortar M1912 Mounted on 12-inch Mortar Carriage M1896MIII, U.S. War Department Technical Manual, Washington, D.C., August 1942.

12-inch Mortar M1912 Mounted on 12-inch Mortar Carriage M1896MIII


These 12-inch mortars are comparatively short-barreled weapons able to fire in all directions (360° traverse) but only at high angles of elevation. The maximum elevation attainable is approximately 65°. The minimum elevation (just clearing the emplacement walls) is 45°. The weapon must be depressed to 0° between rounds for loading. These mortars are no longer manufactured.

FIGURE 1.--12-inch mortar M1912 on mortar carriage M1896MIII.

FIGURE 1.–12-inch mortar M1912 on mortar carriage M1896MIII.

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GAZ Model 1938 Kit from MiniArt

Another kit in process announcement from MiniArt covering a Russian bus from WWII in 1/35th-scale: No. 35149: GAZ-03-30 Mod. 1938.


According to MiniArt, features of the kit include 396 plastic parts; 9 PE parts; 30 clear plastic parts; decals for ten marking variants; full-color instructions; highly-detailed chassis; accurate engine; and all doors can be assembled open or closed.