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New Diamond T Trucks from IBG

Four new 1/72nd-scale Diamond T trucks from IBG Models:

  • IBG 72021: 1/72 DIAMOND T 972 Dump Truck
  • IBG 72019: 1/72 DIAMOND T 968 Cargo Truck
  • IBG 72020: 1/72 DIAMOND T 969 Wrecker
  • IBG 72018: 1/72 DIAMOND T 968A with Asphalt Tank

diamond-t-dump-truck diamond-t-cargo-truck diamond-t-wrecker diamond-t-asphalt-tank


New Soviet Artillery Crew from MiniArt

New WWII Russian artillery figures set has been announced by MiniArt: No. 35185: SOVIET HEAVY ARTILLERY CREW. The kit contains models of five figures with new heads, ammunition boxes, shells, and weapons.



New MiniArt Dozer

New 1/35th kit-in-process announcement from MiniArtNo. 35184: U.S. ARMY TRACTOR w/ ANGLED DOZER BLADE.



New Iliad Design Decal Sets

Two new WWII aircraft decal sets from Iliad Design have been announced: 1/32nd-Scale: 7./JG 53 Bf 109G-6 “Cartoon Aircraft” and 1/72nd-Scale: Early P-40s & Tomahawks.

jg53-decals decals-p40-tomahawk


Dragon Panzer III Flamm

Announced by Dragon Models is a new 1/35th-scale kit of Panzer III flamethrower tank: Item No. 6776—1/35 Pz.Kpfw.III (FL) Ausf.M w/ Schurzen.



T-34/85 from AFV Club

AFV Club has announced a new WWII-era 1/35th-scale armor kit depicting a variant of the Russian T-34/85 produced in 1944 with a full interior — AF35S55: T-34/85 1944 FACTORY 183.



New U.S. Soldier with Dog from MK35

MK35 Editions has announced the release of a new 1/35th-scale WWII resin figure: F247— WWII US Soldier Holding a Dog in a Helmet. List price is 11€.


Sherman Photoetch from Voyager Model

Voyager Model has announced two new photoetch sets for Tamiya’s M4A3E8 Sherman “Easy Eight” kit: PE35709: WWII US M4A3E8 Sherman “Easy Eight” Basic (For TAMIYA 25175) and PE35710: WWII US M4A3E8 Sherman Fenders/Track Cover (For TAMIYA 25175).

Continue reading Sherman Photoetch from Voyager Model

SBS Model Toldi Sets

SBS Model has released three new 1/35th-scale resin and photoetch sets for the Hobbyboss Toldi I kit — 35014: 1/35 Toldi Tools and Equipment (Toldi I, Toldi II, Toldi III) for Hobbyboss Kit; 35015: 1/35 Toldi I (B20) corrected turret (without barrel) for Hobbyboss Kit; and 35016: 1/35 Toldi I (B20) corrected turret (with metal barrel) for Hobbyboss Kit.

toldi-SBS35014 toldi-SBS35015 toldi-SBS35016-1


German AFV Crewmen, Ukraine, 1944

New 1/35th-scale five figure resin set from Stalingrad: S-3090: “Brief Lunch”, German AFV Crewmen, Ukraine 1944 Big Set. Each figure is available individually as S-3091, S-3092, S-3093, S-3094 and S-3095.

Brief Lunch, German AFV Crewmen, Ukraine, 1944, Big Set