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New Figures from Corsar Rex

Corsar Rex has released new 1/35th-scale resin figures depicting WWII German troops in winter uniforms. The big set contains five figures — CR 35089: GERMAN SOLDIERS, Wehrmacht & Waffen SS, Big Sets — or each figure can be ordered individually — CR 35084: GERMAN SOLDIER, Wehrmacht; CR 35085: GERMAN SOLDIER, Wehrmacht; CR 35086: GERMAN SOLDIER, Wehrmacht; CR 35087: GERMAN SOLDIER, Waffen SS; and CR 35088: GERMAN SOLDIER, Waffen SS.



Waffen SS in the Ardennes Figures

New 1/35th-scale resin German figure sets from D-Day Miniature Studio:
   • No. 35027 — Waffen SS Soldiers at Rest, Ardennes 1944
   • No. 35030 — Waffen SS Jeep Crew, Ardennes 1944
Figures are also available individually as:
   • No. 35025 — Waffen SS Soldier Eating, Ardennes 1944
   • No. 35026 — Waffen SS Tanker, Ardennes 1944
   • No. 35028 — Waffen SS Jeep Driver, Ardennes 1944
   • No. 35029 — Waffen SS Jeep Passenger, Ardennes 1944

All figures are resin and sculpted by Pawel Krasicki. List price is 23€ for the sets, and 12€ for the individual figures.




New January Alpine Releases

Seven new January 2015 figures and heads releases from Alpine Miniatures:

  • 35187: 1/35 WSS Panzer Commander #1
  • 35188: 1/35 WSS Panzer Commander #2
  • 35189: 1/35 WSS Panzer Commander Set (2 Figures)
  • H015: 1/35 WW2 British Head Set #1
  • H016: 1/35 WW2 British Head Set #2
  • H017: 1/35 WW2 German Head Set #1
  • H018: 1/35 WW2 German Head Set #2



New Soviet Artillery Crew from MiniArt

New WWII Russian artillery figures set has been announced by MiniArt: No. 35185: SOVIET HEAVY ARTILLERY CREW. The kit contains models of five figures with new heads, ammunition boxes, shells, and weapons.



U.S. Officers Kit from MiniArt

New WWII figures announcement from MiniArt in 1/35th-scale: No. 35161: U.S. OFFICERS. The kit contains five figures of U.S. officers in a variety of WWII uniforms.



U.S. Army Drivers Figures from MiniArt

New announcement from MiniArt of a 1/35th-scale Allied figures kit in process No. 35180: U.S. ARMY DRIVERS. The Miniart kit contains models of five WWII figures in a variety of poses.

us-army-drivers-35180 (original)


DAK Kubelwagen Crew

New DAK figures have been announced by Mantis Miniatures in 1/35th-scale: 35066 – D.A.K. Kubelwagen Crew. The figures are sculpted by K. Bodi and painted by A. Miniszewski.

The figures are also available individually as 35064 – Kubelwagen Driver and 35065 – D.A.K. Officer.


ICM German Tank Riders

ICM has announced a 1/35th-scale four figure set depicting German infantry posed to ride atop a panzer: No. 35634 – German Tank Riders (1942-1945)

ICM German Tank Riders


U.S. Horsemen in Normandy from MiniArt

New announcement of an unusual WWII subject from MiniArt: No. 35151: U.S. HORSEMEN, NORMANDY 1944. The kit contains 62 parts and depicts two figures with horses in 1/35th-scale.



German Infantry in Action from Stalingrad

Stalingrad has announced a new big set of ten figures depicting German infantry in action during WWII: S-3060: German Infantry in Action, 1939-43, Big Set. The figures can also be purchased individually.