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Dragon Panzerkampfwagen T34-747(r)

Dragon Models has announced a new release depicting a captured Russian T-34 in German service: Item No: 6449: Panzerkampfwagen T34-747(r). The model kit includes the Rommelkist turret bin added to many captured T-34s by the Germans.


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ICM Kapitän Saloon Staff Car

ICM has announced a 1/35th-scale kit of a Soviet staff car with officer figures from the WWII-era: No. 35477 – Kapitän Saloon Staff Car with Soviet Staff Personnel.

ICM 35477 - Kapitan Saloon Staff Car with Soviet Staff Personnel


NKL-16/41 Aerosan

 NKL-16/41 Aerosan ACE has announced a new 1/72nd-scale release from of the Russian NKL-16/41 Aerosan.


Russian Antitank Guns

Russian Antitank Guns of WW2

Our Red Army Ally, War Department Pamphlet No. 21-30, 1945.


Valentine Tank Illustrations

Front and side views of the Valentine Tank (officially “Tank, Infantry, Mk III, Valentine”) from the WW2 Russian manual. The Valentine was supplied in large numbers to the Red Army.

Valentine Tank Side View

Valentine Tank: Side View

Valentine Tank Front View

Valentine Tank: Front View


SU-100 Track Repair

Drawing of the proper method of track repair on the Russian SU-100 tank destroyer — from the Russian vehicle manual.

SU-100 Russian Self-Propelled Gun Track Repair

Russian Armored Vehicles

“Russian Armored Vehicles” recognition poster from Newsmap, August 1942:

Russian Armored Vehicles of WW2 Poster

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Vision Models Aerosled

The small manufacturer Vision Models has announced a new 1/35th scale kit of the Russian WWII RF-8 GAZ-98 Aerosled with two crew members. This smaller aerosled looks like an interesting winter subject. Vision Models does not seem to have a website, and has only released a few other kits.

Aerosled -- WW2 Russian Gaz-98 Aerosled

Red Army Antitank Rifle Team

A new set of resin 1/35th scale WWII figures has been announced by the Russian company Stalingrad. The pair of figures depict a Red Army antitank team armed with a PTRS-41 14.5-mm antitank rifle. The figures are sculpted by Alexander Zelenkov.

Red Army Anti-tank Rifle Team WW2 1943-1945 WW2 Stalingrad Red Army Soldiers

Captured FW190 Film

Russian training film on the German Focke-Wulf FW190 showing the FW190’s main features, armament, and flight performance: