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New Figures from Corsar Rex

Corsar Rex has released new 1/35th-scale resin figures depicting WWII German troops in winter uniforms. The big set contains five figures — CR 35089: GERMAN SOLDIERS, Wehrmacht & Waffen SS, Big Sets — or each figure can be ordered individually — CR 35084: GERMAN SOLDIER, Wehrmacht; CR 35085: GERMAN SOLDIER, Wehrmacht; CR 35086: GERMAN SOLDIER, Wehrmacht; CR 35087: GERMAN SOLDIER, Waffen SS; and CR 35088: GERMAN SOLDIER, Waffen SS.



1/35th Figures from Corsar Rex

Corsar Rex has created a new “big set” of 1/35th-scale resin Wehrmacht figures — CR-35051: GERMAN SOLDIERS. The figures are sculpted by Kordyukov Igor and Travianskiy Sergey (Menelay). Samples were painted by Veretelnikov Maxim and “’Corsar Rex”’ Studio. The set of five figures consists of the releases: CR-35003, CR-35034, CR-35035, CR-35048, and CR-35049. Corsar Rex German Soldiers Wehrmacht