M1 57mm Anti-tank Gun Kit

Riich.Models has announced a new 1/35th-scale WWII anti-tank gun release: RV 35020: U.S. M1 57mm Anti-tank Gun on M2 carriage (Late Version). The M1 served as the standard towed anti-tank gun of the U.S. infantry divisions and over 10,000 guns were manufactured during WWII.



M10 Tank Destroyer Ammunition

Illustration of the shell labels and markings for the ammunition of the M10 tank destroyer 3-inch main gun. Source: TM 9-731G: 3-Inch Gun Motor Carriage M10A1, War Department Technical Manual, July 1943.




Cause and Effect

A cartoon shows the results of trying to circumvent the censor: from “Don’t Shoot the Censor,” Bureau of Naval Personnel Information Bulletin, February 1944.

Cause and Effect

CAUSE AND EFFECT: Sailor drops letter into local mail-box (A) in foreign port. Letter slides down tube into room (B) and is thoroughly read by Nazi agent, who then slips it through slot into trouble-distilling apparatus (C). Burning letter boils witch’s brew (D), causing thermometer (E) to rise rapidly. Janitor (F) starts down basement stairs to fix furmace, stepping on teeter-totter (G) and catapulting projectile into loading chute (H) of gun (I), which is swung into position by secret range finder (J). Gun is fired and eliminates letter writer (K). Next of kin will now hear about him after all.