Superfortress Poster

Biggest, fastest, deadliest… Superfortress — WWII poster. Source: U.S. National Archives.

Biggest, fastest, deadliest... Superfortress

Deadly Queen of the Skies

“Flying Fortress: Deadly Queen of the Skies… pride of the Army Air Forces” — WWII poster from the Office of War Information. Source: U.S. National Archives and Records Administration.

B-17 Flying Fortress: Deadly Queen of the Skies... pride of the Army Air Forces


Sentinels Must Know the 11 General Orders

Marauders Always Attack

Marauders Always Attack — World War II U.S. Army Air Forces Poster:


Thunderbolts Blast ‘Em

Thunderbolts Blast Em: U.S. Army Air Forces

U.S. Army Air Forces WW2 Poster


44 Million Man-Hours in the Air

Cadillac: 44 Million Man-Hours in the Air

Airacobra: Poison to the Axis

Airacobra Fighter Plane Poster

U.S. Army Air Forces WW2 Poster


Learn to Recognize These Half-Tracks

Halftracks Recognition Poster

( Training Poster, U.S. Army Orientation Course )


Japanese Infantry Weapons

Japanese Infantry Weapons:

Japanese Infantry Weapons of World War 2

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Source: Newsmap, U.S. Army Service Forces, Army Information Branch, December 11, 1944.

Don’t Be A Dope V

Always check the oil! An angry tank crew stars in another “Don’t Be A Dope” training poster from Aberdeen Proving Grounds.

Always Check the Oil - Dont Be a Dope WW2 Poster

The tank crew is sore as a boil
For it ain’t according to Hoyle
     To get caught in a spot.
     So exceedingly hot.–
Joe Dope had checked all-but the oil!