Dragon Tiger I Mid-Production with Zimmerit

New 1/35th-scale kit announced by Dragon Models: 1/35 Sd.Kfz 181 Pz.Kpfw. VI Ausf. E Tiger I Mid-Production w/ Zimmerit (No. 6700).

Dragon Tiger I Mid-production with Zimmerit

P-38 Instrument Panel

Diagram of the P-38 Instrument Panel from Pilot’s Flight Operating Instructions for Army Models P-38H Series, P-38J-5 and F-5B-1, T.O. No. 01-75FF-1, September 1943.

P-38 Lightning Instrument Panel

Labels: 1. Directional gyro; 2. Gyro horizon; 3. Compass indicator; 4. Fuel pressure gages; 5. Altimeter; 6. Airspeed indicator; 7. Turn and bank indicator; 8. Rate of climb indicator; 9. Manifold pressure gages; 10. Suction gage; 11. Hydraulic pressure gage; 12. Turbo overspeed warning lights; 13. Ammeter; 14. Tachometers; 15. Coolant temperature indicator; 16. Fuel quantity gages; 17. Clock; 18. Combination oil pressure and temperature gages (fuel pressure indicator not connected); 19. Flap and landing gear position indicator; 20. Space for BC-608 Contactor; 21. Carburetor air temperature indicator.

Battleship’s Main Battery Directors

Illustration of U.S. Navy WWII battleship’s main battery directors. Source: Naval Ordnance and Gunnery, NAVPERS 16116, Bureau of Naval Personnel, Training Division, May 1944.

Main battery of directors.

Main battery directors.


P-51 Mustang in Full-Scale Wind Tunnel

A full-size P-51 Mustang in the Full-Scale Wind Tunnel at Langley Aeronautical Laboratory. (NASA Photograph.)

P-51 Mustang in Full-Scale Wind Tunnel at Langley

Takom St. Chamond Heavy Tank

Takom has announced a new 1/35th-scale model kit covering the French St. Chamond heavy tank: #2002 – 1/35 French Heavy Tank St. Chamond Early Type with Iron Mask Man.



QF 6 Pdr Mk. IV Anti-tank Gun

New 1/35th-scale WWII release from Riich.Models: RV 35018: British Ordnance QF 6 Pdr Mk. IV Anti-tank Gun The kit includes a metal gun barrel.



Meng Model Char 2C French Tank

Meng Model has announced a huge new 1/35th-scale kit in their “Tyrannosaurus Series” — Kit No.TS-009: Char 2C French Super Heavy Tank.

Char 2C French Superheavy Tank by Meng Model

The French Char 2C (known as the FCM 2C) heavy tank was the largest operational tank ever created. Developed during WWI, the Char 2C was only used for propaganda purposes in WWII. One tank, named Champagne, was captured by the Germans and taken to Berlin and exhibited as a war trophy.

Dragon Sd.Kfz. 10 with 5cm Pak 38

New WWII kit release from Dragon Models in the ’39-’45 SeriesNo. 6732: Sd.Kfz. 10 Ausf. A w/ 5cm Pak 38.

Dragon Models Sd.Kfz. 10 Ausf. A with 5cm Pak 38