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New Soviet Artillery Crew from MiniArt

New WWII Russian artillery figures set has been announced by MiniArt: No. 35185: SOVIET HEAVY ARTILLERY CREW. The kit contains models of five figures with new heads, ammunition boxes, shells, and weapons.



New MiniArt Dozer

New 1/35th kit-in-process announcement from MiniArtNo. 35184: U.S. ARMY TRACTOR w/ ANGLED DOZER BLADE.



MiniArt Bulldozer Kit

New announcement of a WWII-era 1/35th-scale model kit in process from MiniArt: No. 35174: U.S. TRACTOR D7 w/ TOWING WINCH D7N.


According to MiniArt, features of the kit contains 615 parts and will include fully-detailed engine compartment and chassis; 7 PE parts; 4 clear parts; decals; full-color instruction; and workable track links.


U.S. Officers Kit from MiniArt

New WWII figures announcement from MiniArt in 1/35th-scale: No. 35161: U.S. OFFICERS. The kit contains five figures of U.S. officers in a variety of WWII uniforms.



U.S. Army Drivers Figures from MiniArt

New announcement from MiniArt of a 1/35th-scale Allied figures kit in process No. 35180: U.S. ARMY DRIVERS. The Miniart kit contains models of five WWII figures in a variety of poses.

us-army-drivers-35180 (original)


U.S. Military Policeman and Motorcycle

From MiniArt, a kit in process announcement for a 1/35th-scale MP with motorcycle from WWII: No. 35168: U.S. MILITARY POLICEMAN with MOTORCYCLE. The model kit contains 117 parts depicting both the motorcycle and MP figure.



GAZ Model 1938 Kit from MiniArt

Another kit in process announcement from MiniArt covering a Russian bus from WWII in 1/35th-scale: No. 35149: GAZ-03-30 Mod. 1938.


According to MiniArt, features of the kit include 396 plastic parts; 9 PE parts; 30 clear plastic parts; decals for ten marking variants; full-color instructions; highly-detailed chassis; accurate engine; and all doors can be assembled open or closed.


MiniArt Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. C

From MiniArt, a kit in process announcement of a rare 1/35th-scale panzer variant from WWII: No. 35166: Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. C.


Announced features include: all new tooling; 1,171 total parts (1,047 plastic parts, 63 PE parts, 11 clear plastic parts); decals for five marking options; fully detailed turret interior; periscopes with clear plastic parts; hatches which can be assembled opened or closed; workable chassis; workable track link.


U.S. Horsemen in Normandy from MiniArt

New announcement of an unusual WWII subject from MiniArt: No. 35151: U.S. HORSEMEN, NORMANDY 1944. The kit contains 62 parts and depicts two figures with horses in 1/35th-scale.



1/35th German Railcar

New announcement of a 1/35th-scale kit in process from MiniArt: No. 38003: GERMAN RAILCAR (TRIEBWAGEN 641).

German Railcar Triebwagen by Miniart

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