German SdKfz. 1 Type 170 VK Staff Car

Upcoming WWII-era 1/35th vehicle model kit from Master Box: MB3530, Sd.Kfz. 1 Type 170 VK, German Military Staff Car, WW II Era.

Sd Kfz. 1 Type 170 VK German Military Staff Car MB3530

WEFT Aircraft Recognition

WEFT (Wing, Engine, Fuselage, Tail) System for Aircraft Recognition — Training Poster.

WEFT, Wing Engine Fuselage Tail, WW2 Aircraft Recognition Poster

Valentine Tank Illustrations

Front and side views of the Valentine Tank (officially “Tank, Infantry, Mk III, Valentine”) from the WW2 Russian manual. The Valentine was supplied in large numbers to the Red Army.

Valentine Tank Side View

Valentine Tank: Side View

Valentine Tank Front View

Valentine Tank: Front View


Soviet Artillery Crew Figures

Tank has announced two new 1/35th-scale WW2 figure kits focused on the Eastern Front — T-35134: Soviet Artillery Crew I (Winter 1941-43) and T-35135 Soviet Artillery Crew II (Winter 1941-43).

Soviet Artillery Crew Winter 1941-1943 Model Figures Soviet Artillery Crew Winter 1941-1943 WW2 

Winter Warriors by King & Country

Winter Warriors — a new upcoming Battle of the Bulge toy soldier set covering the Allied side from King & Country.

Winter Warriors by King and Country Toy Soldiers

The Winter Warriors set includes armor (BBA054: The M4A3E8 Easy-Eight Sherman Tank) with infantry support (BBA061: Kneeling Loading Rifle; BBA062: Standing Firing Rifle; BBA063: Advancing BAR Gunner; and BBA064: Advancing Radio Man).


Navy War Bond Allotment


Source: Bureau of Naval Personnel Information Bulletin, February 1944.


Big 1/32nd Scale B-25J Mitchell

Coming soon from HK Models — a huge 1/32-scale B-25J Mitchell “The Strafer”. “Strafer” is the second B-25 release from HK Models and depicts the solid nose version armed with eight .50 cal machine guns.

B-25J Mitchell, The Strafer, HK Models 1/32nd Scale

New WWII Figures from Italeri and MiniArt

Additional new WWII U.S. and Italian paratrooper figures from Italeri and MiniArt.

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Panzer IV Color Photo

Rare color photograph of a camouflaged Panzer IV knocked out in Normandy in 1944. From the markings and camouflage, the Panzer IV appears to be from the German Panzer Lehr Division. U.S. Air Force Photo.

Panzer Lehr Division Panzer IV in Normandy, 1944, WWII

M8 75-mm Howitzer Motor Carriage

Diagram of the WWII M8 75-mm Howitzer Motor Carriage. (Source: Technical Manual TM 9-1729A, U.S. War Department, 1944.)

75mm Howitzer Motor Carriage M8