M10 Ammunition Stowage Diagram

Diagram of ammunition stowage in the M10 tank destroyer, from TM 9-731G: 3-Inch Gun Motor Carriage M10A1, War Department Technical Manual, July 1943.



Memphis Belle Departs for Home

The famous B-17 Flying Fortress “Memphis Belle” and her crew depart England for home.


WAVES Photos

WAVES Wash Navy Airplane in WW2 - Color Photograph

Two WAVES wash a North American SNJ plane. (U.S. Navy Photograph)

WAVES WWII Tour USS Missouri Color Picture

WAVES tour the USS Missouri (BB-63). (U.S. Navy Photograph)


Saga of a Tanker

Saga of a Tanker

Torpedoed by an Axis submarine, this U.S. tanker became a raging inferno–but crew members fighting heroically quelled the flames and the tanker was towed to port by a U.S. Naval ship. Because her men refused to surrender to fire and sea, the tanker soon will be back in active service aiding the Nation against its enemies. This spectacular picture is an official U.S. Navy photograph.

Saga of a Tanker

(U.S. Navy Photograph)

Source: All Hands: Bureau of Naval Personnel Information Bulletin, November 1942.