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Waffen SS in the Ardennes Figures

New 1/35th-scale resin German figure sets from D-Day Miniature Studio:
   • No. 35027 — Waffen SS Soldiers at Rest, Ardennes 1944
   • No. 35030 — Waffen SS Jeep Crew, Ardennes 1944
Figures are also available individually as:
   • No. 35025 — Waffen SS Soldier Eating, Ardennes 1944
   • No. 35026 — Waffen SS Tanker, Ardennes 1944
   • No. 35028 — Waffen SS Jeep Driver, Ardennes 1944
   • No. 35029 — Waffen SS Jeep Passenger, Ardennes 1944

All figures are resin and sculpted by Pawel Krasicki. List price is 23€ for the sets, and 12€ for the individual figures.




New Ardennes Figure from MK35 Editions

MK35 Editions is releasing a new 1/35th-scale WWII Waffen SS figure from the Battle of the Bulge: F230: SS UNTERSCHARFÜHRER, Ardennes 1944-45. Price is 10.80 Euros.

Panther at Hotel des Ardennes in Ligneuville

Officers of the Ninth Air Force pose with a German Panther tank of Kampfgruppe Peiper knocked out in front of the Hotel des Ardennes in Ligneuville, Belgium on December 17th, 1944. The Panther was commanded by SS Untersturmführer Arndt Fisher who was badly burned in the battle. (U.S. Air Force Photograph.)

Panther Tank at Hotel des Ardennes in Ligneuville

Knocked-out Panther tank at the Hotel des Ardennes in Ligneuville, Belgium


Employment of AAA in Anti-tank Role

A report on the activities of antiaircraft gun battalions in the antitank role during the Battle of the Bulge reproduced from “Antiaircraft Artillery Notes,” HQ ETO, No. 15, January 1945:

Subject: Employment of AAA in Anti-tank Role
Source: AA Section, Headquarters Twelfth Army Group

During the recent German Ardennes offensive the 110th and 143rd AAA Gun Battalions, and Battery D, 639th AAA AW Battalion, were placed in anti-tank support of the 30th Infantry Division, in the Malmedy-Stavelot-Stoumont sector. The Division has submitted a report of the activities of these units, and made recommendations for future employment of AAA in an anti-tank role, (See ETOUSA AAA Notes No. 14 for a detailed account of the activities of the 143rd AAA Gun Bn during this action.)

Report of 30th Infantry Division

a. The above listed units were attached to the Division at 210030A December 1944. Prior to daylight of the 21st, liaison was established with the Division by the 11th AAA Group, and by each of the attached units. Upon the arrival of these representatives they were given maps of the area and were fully informed of the tactical situation. A map reconnaissance was made, and officers from the supporting tank destroyer battalion accompanied the antiaircraft officers on their ground reconnaissance, and assisted in the actual placing of their guns in firing positions.

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Back to the Ardennes

“Back to the Ardennes” — a new line of toy soldiers from King & Country. K&C’s latest soldier releases portray German figures in winter uniforms during the opening stages of the Battle of the Bulge.

  • BBG032: Prize of Arms
  • BBG033: Cold Feet… Warm Boots
  • BBG034: Over There!
  • BBG037: Walking Forward
  • BBG039: Otto Skorzeny’s Command Car
  • BBG044: Bastogne Signpost
  • BBG045: Malmedy Signpost

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KO'd Panthers in the Bulge

Panthers and Jagdpanthers Knocked Out during the Battle of the Bulge in the Ardennes, WW2

Original Caption: Kraut tanks killed near Bullingen, where the breakthru stopped

Photographs of Panthers and Jagdpanthers knocked out during the Ardennes Offensive. The upper left photograph shows destroyed Jagdpanthers of schwere Panzerjäger Abteilung 560 destroyed between Büllingen und Bütgenbach. The lower photograph shows Panthers of the 3rd Kompanie, 12th SS-Panzer Division knocked out in Rocherath. The remaining two photographs are additional Panthers of the 12th SS Panzer Division destroyed in the fighting around the twin villages of Krinkelt-Rocherath.

Source: History of the Twelfth U.S. Field Artillery Battalion in the European Theatre of Operations 1944-1945, U.S. Army Twelfth FA Bn., 1945.