New Figures from Corsar Rex

Corsar Rex has released new 1/35th-scale resin figures depicting WWII German troops in winter uniforms. The big set contains five figures — CR 35089: GERMAN SOLDIERS, Wehrmacht & Waffen SS, Big Sets — or each figure can be ordered individually — CR 35084: GERMAN SOLDIER, Wehrmacht; CR 35085: GERMAN SOLDIER, Wehrmacht; CR 35086: GERMAN SOLDIER, Wehrmacht; CR 35087: GERMAN SOLDIER, Waffen SS; and CR 35088: GERMAN SOLDIER, Waffen SS.



Winter Warriors by King & Country

Winter Warriors — a new upcoming Battle of the Bulge toy soldier set covering the Allied side from King & Country.

Winter Warriors by King and Country Toy Soldiers

The Winter Warriors set includes armor (BBA054: The M4A3E8 Easy-Eight Sherman Tank) with infantry support (BBA061: Kneeling Loading Rifle; BBA062: Standing Firing Rifle; BBA063: Advancing BAR Gunner; and BBA064: Advancing Radio Man).


Allied Armies Face General Winter

Allied armies face rain and snow of “General Winter” as troops advance through France, Belgium, Holland and Germany.


German Winter Morale

The problems of German troop morale during the harsh winters of the Eastern Front — translation of German Taschenbuch für den Winterkrieg, August 1942 from the U.S. wartime publication German Winter Warfare, Special Series, No. 18, Military Intelligence Division, U.S. War Department, December 1943.


a. General

The coming winter will again severely tax the spiritual stamina of the soldier. All suitable means commensurate with the situation and combat conditions will be employed to bolster his inner resilience. The example of the soldier, especially the officer who has proved himself in all situations, is a determining factor in maintaining the morale of the troops. Eagerness for action and good discipline must be maintained, especially behind the lines. Prerequisites in assuring morale are consideration for the welfare of troops, tolerable shelter, and adequate provisions. Winter equipment, lighting facilities, and fuel must be procured in advance or substitutes provided. Important! Stimulate the initiative of troops. Shows should be staged and soldiers encouraged to participate in them. Intelligent organization of spare time is the best means of preventing useless brooding, rumor-mongering, and disciplinary offenses.

The welfare of troops in the lines has priority. Morale-building supplies for the front must actually reach the front lines. There must be no pigeonholing in depots, railroad stations, headquarters, or orderly rooms. Checks against delay must be made continually. Commanders and headquarters must be in constant communication with field offices of the High Command of the Armed Forces.

b. Recreational Aids

(1) Reading material.–Do not leave newspapers lying around. Newspapers, bulletins, and magazines must reach the front fast. There the soldier is waiting for recent news. Papers of occupied territories should be sent forward because they do not have to be transported far. Front papers of field armies also serve the purpose of inculcating combat doctrine in troops.

Exchange of library kits between battalions and regiments should be encouraged. Field library kits of the Army Book Service (Heeresbücherei) are exclusively for front-line troops. Rear echelons and higher headquarters are normally equipped with Rosenberg libraries.

“Information for Troops” (Mitteilungen für die Truppe) continues to be distributed through the Army Postal Service (Feldpost) to divisions, two copies per unit. Report immediately any failure to receive copies. This also applies to “Information for the Officer Corps” (Mitteilungen für das Offizierkorps).

(2) Lectures.–Important lectures by speakers from the High Command of the Armed Forces are possible only under quiet conditions and after long preparation. Lectures by members of units on general cultural subjects (history, geography, travel, economics, engineering, fine arts) have been successful even in small units. The units themselves have good men for this purpose!

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Ju 87 B-2 with Ski Landing Gear

Ju 87 B-2 Stuka Dive Bomber with Ski Landing Gear WW2

Original Caption: Sowjetunion.- Feldflugplatz im Schnee. Wartung/Reparatur eines Flugzeugs Junkers Ju 87 auf Schneekufen; KBK Lw 4, Russia, 22 December 1941, Photographer: W. Wanderer. File is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Germany license. Attribution: Bundesarchiv, Bild 101I-392-1334-04 / Wanderer, W. / CC-BY-SA.