Germans Surrender in Czechoslovakia

U.S. Army video of German troops surrendering in Czechoslovakia in 1945:

  • Part 1 — German soldiers, wagons, and trucks surrender. U.S. soldiers inspect abandoned German equipment and artillery. Wehrmacht soldiers in a Schwimmwagen are directed forward by U.S. soldiers.
  • Part 2 — German general discusses surrender with American officers. German prisoners, including several women, are loaded into an American truck.
  • Part 3 — German prisoners march through town to assembly point. German bicycle troops move past. German prisoners assembled. German vehicle and artillery dump.
  • Part 4 — Surrendered German horses, wagon, and trucks. Men of the U.S. 97th Infantry Division.
  • Part 5 — American jeeps pass column of German vehicles. German vehicles assembled in a field. German columns, including Sdkfz 250 and Sdkfz. 251 halftracks, move past civilians in a town.

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