Flying Tigers Releases from King & Country

King & Country has an upcoming series of toy soldier releases of the “Flying Tigers” from World War II.

Flying Tigers P-40 with Sharks Teeth by King and CountryItem No.: AF018
Name: Curtiss P-40 Flying Tiger
Desc.: Originally intended to be part of very large order going to the Royal Air Force, one hundred of the planes were sent to the Flying Tigers in China. Still sporting British camouflage, the P-40s were then adorned with the famous “Shark’s Teeth” insignia and a cartoon flying tiger courtesy of Disney. This model aircraft is painted with the personal #88 markings of former USMC pilot Kenneth A. Jernstedt who shot down 10.5 Japanese aircraft while flying and fighting with the Flying Tigers. Planned Production Run: 250 aircraft.
Price: $229.00 (U.S.)
Status: Scheduled to be released in early December.
Flying Tigers Ace Pilot with Map, Toy SoldierItem No.: AF024
Name: Flying Tiger Pilot: David “Tex” Hill
Description: One of the most famous of Tiger pilots “Tex” Hill had a long and distinguished flying career. Beginning in the U.S. Navy he flew dive bombers before being recruited by Claire Cheunault to fly in China. He shot down 12 Japanese aircraft with the Flying Tigers before transferring over to the U.S. Army Air Corps. Eventually “Tex” Hill retired as a Brigadier General in the U.S.A.F. many years later. The figure shows him consulting his map and wearing the leather flight jacket with the famous “blood chit” on the back.
Price: $41.00 (U.S.)
Status: Scheduled to be released in early December.
Flying Tigers Pilot by King and Country Toy SoldiersItem No.: AF025
Name: Flying Tiger Pilot: Kenneth A. Jernstedt
Description: Ken Jernstedt was another “double-ace” while flying in China with the American Volunteer Group. Like “Tex” Hill he also transferred to the U.S. Army Air Corps in 1942 after America entered the war. The Ken Jernstedt figure is wearing the leather flight jacket with the “blood chit” and a flying helmet.
Price: $41.00 (U.S.)
Status: Scheduled to be released in early December.

Winter Warriors by King & Country

Winter Warriors — a new upcoming Battle of the Bulge toy soldier set covering the Allied side from King & Country.

Winter Warriors by King and Country Toy Soldiers

The Winter Warriors set includes armor (BBA054: The M4A3E8 Easy-Eight Sherman Tank) with infantry support (BBA061: Kneeling Loading Rifle; BBA062: Standing Firing Rifle; BBA063: Advancing BAR Gunner; and BBA064: Advancing Radio Man).


King & Country Spitfire II

New releases from King & Country include a Spitfire II and Rolls-Royce Armoured Car.

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King & Country Snow Tiger

“Snow Tiger” is an upcoming release from toy soldier company King & Country. Although King & Country have produced German Tiger tanks before, the “Snow Tiger” is a new improved sculpting of the famous Tiger. The “Snow Tiger” is painted with a winter camouflage scheme, and comes with two crew figures.
King and Country Toy Soldiers -- Snow Tiger Tank WW2

USMC Trucks

Color photographs of USMC trucks and men at New River, North Carolina in May 1942 from the Library of Congress.

WW2 Color Photographs Marine Uniforms U.S. Marine Corps Trucks Color Photographs of WWII USMC Color Photo Trucks WW2

Back to the Ardennes

“Back to the Ardennes” — a new line of toy soldiers from King & Country. K&C’s latest soldier releases portray German figures in winter uniforms during the opening stages of the Battle of the Bulge.

  • BBG032: Prize of Arms
  • BBG033: Cold Feet… Warm Boots
  • BBG034: Over There!
  • BBG037: Walking Forward
  • BBG039: Otto Skorzeny’s Command Car
  • BBG044: Bastogne Signpost
  • BBG045: Malmedy Signpost

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