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Back to the Ardennes

“Back to the Ardennes” — a new line of toy soldiers from King & Country. K&C’s latest soldier releases portray German figures in winter uniforms during the opening stages of the Battle of the Bulge.

  • BBG032: Prize of Arms
  • BBG033: Cold Feet… Warm Boots
  • BBG034: Over There!
  • BBG037: Walking Forward
  • BBG039: Otto Skorzeny’s Command Car
  • BBG044: Bastogne Signpost
  • BBG045: Malmedy Signpost

King and Country, Prize of Arms, Battle of the Bulge King and Country Toy Soldiers -- Cold Feet, Warm Boots Over There, Waffen SS and Luftwaffe Soldat Waffen SS NCO Ardennes 1945 SS Obersturmfuhrer Otto Skorzeny Command Car Bastogne and Wiltz Signpost Malmedy and St. Vith Sign

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