King & Country Snow Tiger

“Snow Tiger” is an upcoming release from toy soldier company King & Country. Although King & Country have produced German Tiger tanks before, the “Snow Tiger” is a new improved sculpting of the famous Tiger. The “Snow Tiger” is painted with a winter camouflage scheme, and comes with two crew figures.
King and Country Toy Soldiers -- Snow Tiger Tank WW2

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4 comments to King & Country Snow Tiger

  • red robot

    Looks like a nice representation of the Tiger, but why move the Balkenkreuz up to the front of the hull. Only Panthers had the cross forward, on Tigers it was always in the middle. (Although one unit put on turret also because of friendly fire problems.)

  • Peter

    this is great, is it an ‘official’ colour scheme and if so what is it called, its exactly the sort of style i’ve been looking for for my FoW panzers.

  • sean

    Bought this tiger last week – last one. Beautiful. Colour scheme excellent as ais detail especially compared to the ‘older tigers’.

  • GoDogGo

    Interesting article…..