Italeri 1/72nd Short Stirling Mk. I

Italeri has announced a new 1/72-nd scale kit depicting the British heavy bomber Short Stirling Mk. I.

RAF Short Stirling Mk. I


70th Anniversary of Battle of Britain

Britain honored the Royal Air Force on the anniversary of the Battle of Britain with a flyover of London by WWII Spitfire and Hurricane aircraft. The flyover marked 70 years since the critical aerial Battle of Britain when the badly outnumbered British planes fought off the German Luftwaffe. The actor Robert Hardy read from the famous speech by Winston Churchill praising the RAF pilots with the line “never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few”.

BBC: Winston Churchill’s Battle of Britain ‘Few’ Remembered

The gratitude of every home in our Island, in our Empire, and indeed throughout the world, except in the abodes of the guilty, goes out to the British airmen who, undaunted by odds, unwearied in their constant challenge and mortal danger, are turning the tide of the World War by their prowess and by their devotion. Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few. All our hearts go out to the fighter pilots, whose brilliant actions we see with our own eyes day after day…