Panther at Hotel des Ardennes in Ligneuville

Officers of the Ninth Air Force pose with a German Panther tank of Kampfgruppe Peiper knocked out in front of the Hotel des Ardennes in Ligneuville, Belgium on December 17th, 1944. The Panther was commanded by SS Untersturmführer Arndt Fisher who was badly burned in the battle. (U.S. Air Force Photograph.)

Panther Tank at Hotel des Ardennes in Ligneuville

Knocked-out Panther tank at the Hotel des Ardennes in Ligneuville, Belgium


KO'd Panthers in the Bulge

Panthers and Jagdpanthers Knocked Out during the Battle of the Bulge in the Ardennes, WW2

Original Caption: Kraut tanks killed near Bullingen, where the breakthru stopped

Photographs of Panthers and Jagdpanthers knocked out during the Ardennes Offensive. The upper left photograph shows destroyed Jagdpanthers of schwere Panzerjäger Abteilung 560 destroyed between Büllingen und Bütgenbach. The lower photograph shows Panthers of the 3rd Kompanie, 12th SS-Panzer Division knocked out in Rocherath. The remaining two photographs are additional Panthers of the 12th SS Panzer Division destroyed in the fighting around the twin villages of Krinkelt-Rocherath.

Source: History of the Twelfth U.S. Field Artillery Battalion in the European Theatre of Operations 1944-1945, U.S. Army Twelfth FA Bn., 1945.