Wreck of Italian Battleship Roma Discovered

The wreck of the Italian battleship Roma has been located by Italian Navy divers off the coast of Sardinia after a lenghty multi-year search. The battleship Roma was sunk by German aircraft on September 9, 1943 while underway to Malta to surrender to Allied forces. Italian Admiral Carlo Bergamini and over 1,300 sailors died when the battleship was sunk by the Luftwaffe.

Italian Navy Battleship Roma WW2

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2 comments to Wreck of Italian Battleship Roma Discovered

  • Paul Man

    It was right by the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

  • Skybert

    It was sunk by 2 radiocontrolled Fritz X glidebombs, that ignited the the ammunitions aboard and caused it to blow up, with great loss of life.
    The bombs were launched by Dornier Do215 controller aircraft circling out of range of flak and ship artillery, and could match the wild evasive actions by the ships by path corrections for the Frtz X, not possible with traditional bombs.