Perfect SB2C Helldiver Landing

An example of a “Perfect Landing” by an SB2C Helldiver on a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier from Naval Aviation News, March 15, 1945.

Perfect Landing

Pilot, landing signal officer, Fly 3 officer and hookman function like precision parts of a well-made machine in a perfect carrier landing. A Navy photographer caught this action.

  • Given a cut by the LSO, an SB2C comes in nicely over the center of the deck; deckmen line the walkway.
  • Arresting wire halts SB2C as Fly 3 officer and hook man sprint out to plane; teamwork speeds operation.
  • Fly 3 officer signals “Hold it” while hookman runs in from rear to free Helldiver from the arresting wire.
  • Fly 3 officer passes plane along to next director, clearing deck for the next plane in traffic pattern.


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