Memphis Belle Departs for Home

The famous B-17 Flying Fortress “Memphis Belle” and her crew depart England for home.


The Rear Gunner

The Rear Gunner is a 1943 film by the U.S. Army Air Forces movie telling the story of the young private L.A. Pee Wee Williams whose marksmanship skills turn him into a medal-winning bomber tail gunner. The movie stars Burgess Meredith and Ronald Reagan.


Saints and Soldiers

The movie Saints and Soldiers is available to watch for free in its entirety on Hulu. Saints and Soldiers tells the story of a platoon during the Battle of the Bulge which struggles to return to Allied territory after the Malmedy Massacre.

Fortress of the Sky

Boeing color film from 1943 telling the story of the B-17 Flying Fortress.

“Here is the story of the B-17. THE FLYING FORTRESS. The research, engineering and production genius which built this airplane has since given America its great new aerial weapon… the BOEING B-29 SUPERFORTRESS.”

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The Famous Fourth

The Famous Fourth, The Big Picture, Army Pictorial Center, U.S. Army — The history of the 4th Infantry Division.


Cannons on Wings

WWII color film produced by Bell Aircraft Corporation showing the design, assembly-line construction, and deployment of Bell Aircraft’s fighter planes with emphasis on the Bell P-39 Airacobra.

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Captured sPzAbt. 506 Tiger II at Gereonsweiler

Video of captured Tiger II of sPzAbt. 506 at Gereonsweiler, Germany in 1945:

Transcript: At Gereonsweiler, a knocked out King Tiger tank is put back into working order. With the help of a wrecker, the turret is forced into line by men of Company B, 129th Ordnance Maintenance Battalion, 7th Armored Division. The King Tiger tank weighs approximately 72 tons. It has 34 inch wide treads which spread the great weight over a large area. Top speed: 20 mph. Armor: up to 6 inches thick. It mounts the vaunted 88mm gun whose barrel is more than 21 feet long. The rebuilt tank will be used to familiarize our troops with the enemy weapon.

Captured FW190 Film

Russian training film on the German Focke-Wulf FW190 showing the FW190’s main features, armament, and flight performance:


Goliath Remote-Control Demolition Vehicle

U.S. soldiers demonstrate captured German remote-controlled Goliath demolition tanks (Leichter Ladungsträger Goliath, SdKfz. 302/303).

WW2 Goliath Demolition Vehicle Wire-Controlled German Goliath Demolition Tank Borgward WW2

How to Fly the B-26 Airplane

“How to Fly the B-26 Airplane”, Official Training Film No. 1-3301, War Deparment, First Motion Picture Unit, Army Air Forces.