Flickr Finds

Flickr Finds — Three sets of veteran’s WWII photographs from the Flickr photo website.

  • Jack Cravens in WWII — Photographs from Jack Cravens during service in the U.S. Army in the Alaska and the Aleutian Islands.

  • WW2Vet — Large set of photographs from the ETO showing U.S. and German tanks, armored cars, softskin vehicles and aircraft.

  • H.Q. Squadron — Headquarters squadron of the 29th Armoured Brigade with a number of interesting tank photographs.


Tactical and Technical Trends #34

The U.S. intelligence articles from Tactical and Technical Trends, No. 34, September 1943 have been added to the main Lone Sentry website:

The Me-410 Aircraft  ◊  Protection Against Japanese Aerial Bombing  ◊  General von Arnim’s Orders for Ground Deployment  ◊  Italian L Type Grenade  ◊  German Conversion of French 75s into Antitank Guns  ◊  Japanese 70-mm Howitzer Model 92  ◊  Notes on German Artillery Tactics in Tunisia  ◊  Russian Artillery Support in Tank Attacks  ◊  Notes of a British Armored Force Officer on German Tank Employment  ◊  Detailed Report on the German “Tiger” PzKw 6  ◊  Italian Portable Flame Thrower, Model 41  ◊  German Compass Card  ◊  German Butterfly Bomb  ◊  Notes on the German Infantry Division  ◊  Notes on Mobile Surgical Units in the Middle East  ◊  Axis Use of Skoda AA/AT Gun  ◊  Testing Antiaircraft Gun Barrels in Combat Areas  ◊  Japanese 12.7-mm (Fixed Mount) Aircraft Machine Gun  ◊  German Recognition Signals  ◊  Drinking Water from the Rattan Vine  ◊  Lessons from the New Zealand Division Operations in Cyrenaica


Virtual Aircraft Website – Aviation Art by Jerry Boucher

Virtual Aircraft Website VAW by Jerry Boucher

Virtual Aircraft Website

Visit the Virtual Aircraft Website for a collection of aviation art and prints by artist Jerry Boucher. Along with the standard favorites, Boucher’s aircraft artwork also captures a wide variety of rare, lesser-known aircraft from WWI, WWII, and the modern era. Many of the images are also available for download as a computer desktop or iPad wallpaper.

Wartime Kent

Wartime Kent is a small, but interesting, set of photographs on Flickr of Kent during WWII. The set includes several photographs showing damage from V-2 rockets in 1945.

143rd AAA Gun Battalion

143rd AAA Gun Battalion in WW2The website Army Book of Memories tells the story of the 143rd AAA Gun Battalion during WWII from training through the fighting in the Ardennes Offensive and on to V-E Day. The website also includes photographs and a copy of the rare 143rd AAA’s unit history booklet which was published in 1945 after the end of the war.


WWII Photographs, Posters and Illustrations

Miscellaneous WWII photographs, illustrations, and posters:



1/6th Scale Dioramas

Two fascinating links from the Lone Sentry Forum: Peter Shaw’s 1/6th Scale Dora Railroad Gun and an amazing collection of 1/6th scale dioramas at Kampfgruppe von Abt Modelling Team.


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