Tactical and Technical Trends, No. 8

The articles from “Tactical and Technical Trends”  No. 8 have been added to main site.  “Tactical and Technical Trends” was published by the Military Intelligence Service of the War Department to inform U.S. forces of both Allied and enemy military developments.  At the time of publication, September 1942, the articles were necessarily based primarily on reports from British and Russian sources supplemented by enemy publications and training materials.

Noteworthy articles from Issue No. 8 include:

German airborne forces and the attack on Crete were a major focus of the issue.

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4 comments to Tactical and Technical Trends, No. 8

  • Barone


    Cavalry Combat at Night is an exact duplicate of another article you offered earlier.

  • Lone_Sentry_Admin

    Yes. The information in the article “Cavalry Combat at Night” was later printed in the October 1942 issue of the Intelligence Bulletin.

  • Barone

    You should provide more information on the Red Army and the Great Patriotic War, but not from the communist standpoint.

  • myShadowIX

    Excellent material. I had to pass this along to a friend who was doing some research: thanks!