1/35th V-1 Models

Bronco Models has introduced a series of 1/35th scale models of the German Fieseler Fi 103 (German “Vergeltungswaffe 1” or V-1; Allied “Buzz Bomb” or “Doodlebug”) pulse-jet powered missile. Piloted variants of the Fieseler Fi 103, known as “Reichenbergs”, were also manufactures but were never used in combat.

V-1 Fieseler Fi 103 A-1 Flying Bomb (CB35058):
V-1 Bomb Fieseler Fi 103 A-1 Buzz Bomb

V-1 Fieseler Fi 103 Re-4 Piloted Flying Bomb (CB35059):
WW2 Piloted V-1 Bomb Fieseler Fi 103 Re-4 Reichenberg

V-1 Fieseler Fi 103 Re-3 Flying Bomb Trainer (CB35060)
V-1 Bomb Fieseler Fi 103 Trainer Re-3 Reichenberg

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