Twelfth Air Force in Italy

Photographs of Twelfth Air Force in Italy from Medium Bomber Operations, 1 January – 28 August 1944, Headquarters Twelfth Air Force, February 1945.

B-25 Bridge Busting Mission in Italy

B-25s on a bridge busting mission over Italy.

Roccasecca Road Bridge, Italy, 1944

Roccasecca Road Bridge bombed by the 319th Bomb Group, 8 January 1944.

Rail Bridge Bombing at Civita Castellana

Rail bridge at Civita Castellana bombed by the 17th Bomb Group, 29 January 1944.

Terni Italy Marshalling Yards 1944 WW2

Terni marshalling yards bombed by the 321st Bomb Group, 28 January 1944.

Abbey of Monte Cassino, Italy after WW2 Bombing in 1944

The Abbey of Monte Cassino after the bombing of 15 February 1944.


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