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B-17 “Man O War II”

B-17 “Man O War II Horsepower Ltd.” of the 322nd Bomber Squadron, 91st Bomb Group. “Man O War II” flew numerous missions with the 91st for nine months before being lost in November 1944 in a mission over over Merseburg.

Man O War II Horsepower Ltd.  B17 Bomber Nose Art WW2

U.S. Air Force Photo


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4 comments to B-17 “Man O War II”

  • B17G

    This was a B-17G serial number 42-38083. Nose art was painted by artist Tony Starcer.

  • Bridget Anderson

    My father, Robert Patrick Casey was the co-pilot on this plane when it was shot down. He was captured and taken prisoner where he was held for 6 months before being liberated by Patton’s troops.
    He is alive and well today at 91 years of age. They don’t make ’em like him anymore!

  • Robert Pizzonia

    I have a picture of my father in front of The Man O War he was also captured but escaped with the aid of the Dutch underground, his mane was Anthony Pizzonia aks Pitts

  • William oxby

    My great uncle who I was named after died on that mission any one who has any information about it I would love to hear it