WAC 3rd Anniversary

Newsmap poster from April 1945 celebrating the 3rd Anniversary of the Women’s Army Corps (WAC):

WAC 3rd Anniversary Poster, 1945, WW2

WAC Nurse and Army Doctor in WWII

Skilled WAC hands work side by side with Army doctors. They are part of the team that, day by day, is doing the vital job of reconditioning wounded men.

WAC Teletype Operators - WW2 Womens Army Corps

Constant vigilance is a requirement of teletype operators, particularly in a theater of operations where these WACs release soldiers for combat duty.

WW2 WAC Pilot Link Trainer

To speed up the training of pilots, WACs are assigned to Link Trainer work and other duties in the Army Air Forces at home and overseas.

WAC Womens Army Corps

Directional bearings, dispatched by WACs, save the lives of American airmen. Bringing aircraft back to its home base by the shortest route is another WAC assignment.

WW2 WAC, Anzio, Italy

Here is the first contingent of Fifth Army WACs debarking from an LST at the Anzio Sector in Italy last July.

WACs in the Philippines

A WAC detachment, arriving at an airstrip in the Philippines, is greeted by a young Filipino girl.

WAC Middle East Cairo Conference

Some of the first WACs on duty in the Middle East handled communications for the historic Cairo Conference. Others were assigned to secretarial and clerical duties.


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