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Russian Armored Vehicles

“Russian Armored Vehicles” recognition poster from Newsmap, August 1942:

Russian Armored Vehicles of WW2 Poster

These are some of the variety of armored vehicles Soviet Russia has used against the Nazis. Feature of Russian medium and heavy tanks are the use of multiple turrets. In addition the turrets are placed well forward and railing attached so the vehicles may serve as infantry carriers.

The German press has reported Russian tanks weighing up to 100 tons but the use of these must be decidedly limited by the difficulty to maneuver these across country and over bridges. The following specifications are from various published sources and are approximations.

1 — B.T. CRUISER TANK: Length 18′ 7″; Width 6′ 10″; Height 7′ 8″; Weight 10¼-11¾ tons; Speed 30 m.p.h. on tracks, 44 on wheels. Armament 37, 45 or 76.2 mm. gun and one or two M.G.’s according to Model. Crew of three men. This is the original American Christie Cruiser and exists in large numbers. Can travel on wheels as well as tracks.

2 — T. 34: Length 19′ 6″; Width 7′ 6″; Height 7′ 8″; Weight 25.9 tons; Speed 34 m.p.h. Armament one 76.2 mm. gun and two M.G.’s. Crew three to four men. This model has been reported widely used. The photos show its clean modern lines and its use as an infantry carrier.

3 — T. 26: Length 16′ 4″; Width 7′; Height 7′ 2″; Weight 8½-9½ tons. Speed 22 m.p.h. Armament one 37 mm. gun and two M.G.’s; one 45 mm. gun and one M.G. or 45 mm. gun and two M.G.’s. Crew of three. This is not a modern tank.

4 — HEAVY T. 35: Length 31′ 1″. Width 10′ 5″; Height 9′ 10″; Weight 44½ tons; Speed 19 m.p.h. Armament one 76.2 mm. gun and one or two M.G.’s in main turret, two 45 mm. guns in auxiliary turrets, two M.G.’s in auxiliary M.G. turrets. Crew of nine or ten nten. Several models of this tank are reported in use, some of which mount only two subsidiary turrets. This one shows one large turret and four auxiliary turrets. Note skirting over suspension.

5 — MEDIUM T. 28: Length 24′ 4″; Width 9′ 2″; Height 9′ 4″; Weight 28½ tons; Speed 22 m.p.h. Armament one 76.2 mm. gun, 4 M.G.’s. Crew six men. Skirting partially protents the small bogie wheels.

6 — T. 37 LIGHT AMPHIBIAN: Length 13′ 1″; Width 6′ 6″; Height 6′; Weight 3 tons; Speed 32 m.p.h. on the road, 6 in the water. Armament one or two M.G.’s. Crew of two men. Has only light armor.

7 — BONIFORD CAR: Length 12′ 6″; Width 5′ 6″; Height 6′ 5″; Weight 3¼ tons; Speed 45 m.p.h. Armament two M.G.’s. Crew of three men. This 4-wheeled armored car has thin protection and is considered obsolete.

6 — FORD ARMORED CAR: Length 16′ 8″; Width 6′ 4″; Height 8′ 2″; Weight 7 tons; Speed 42 m.p.h. Armament one 37 mm. gam. two M.G.’s. Crew four men. This 6-wheeled car is used for reconnaissance. Tracks can be fitted to rear wheels for rough country.

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