New ToRo Model Polish Figures

Three new resin figures from ToRo Model covering Polish Marines, Infantry, and Cavalry in 1939: No. 35F65: Polish Cavalryman, September 1939; No. 35F66: Polish Infantryman, September 1939; and No. 35F67: Polish Marine, September 1939. All figures are resin with decals for Polish markings and insignia.



Allied Uniforms

Allied Army, Navy, and Air Force Uniforms: Newsmap, U.S. War Department, March 1943.

WW2 Uniform United States

United States

British Empire Uniforms

British Empire

France WWII Uniforms


Uniforms WW2 Russia, Soviet Union, USSR


Poland WW2 Uniforms


WWII Uniforms China



Viking Summer

The Oliver Publishing Group is now shipping their latest new book release: Viking Summer: 5.SS-Panzer-Division in Poland, 1944 (Firefly Collection No. 1).

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Warsaw 3-D Documentary

City of Ruins is a new documentary film featuring 3-D sequences showing the destruction in bombed-out Warsaw after World War II. The documentary movie from the Warsaw Uprising Museum was directed by Oscar-nominated director Tomek Baginski.