Don't Do Loops in a B-17

Don’t roll or loop your B-17 bomber. Important pilot restrictions for the B-17 Flying Fortress from the Pilot’s Manual for Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress:

Pilot Instructions for B-17 Flying Fortress Bomber

  • DON’T lower flaps at speeds in excess of 147 mph!
  • DON’T dive in excess of 270 mph (with modified elevators).
  • WARNING: Some airplanes are restricted to 220-mph maximum diving speed, pending modification of the elevators. See warning placard in airplane.
  • DON’T exceed 46 inches Hg manifold pressure!
  • DON’T exceed 30 inches Hg below 2100 rpm!
  • DON’T stall the airplane! (except for training purposes.)
  • DON’T spin!
  • DON’T roll!
  • DON’T loop!
  • DON’T attempt inverted flight!
  • DON’T fly the airplane at maximum gross weight (64,500 pounds) UNLESS auxiliary wing tanks are full!
  • CAUTION: All power settings given in this section are for use with 100 octane fuel only. See appendix III for restrictions to be observed when using 91 octane fuel.