Dragon Wading Churchill Mk.III

A new 1/72nd-scale Armor Pro kit from Dragon depicting a Churchill Mk.III tank fitted for wading and deployed in the landing at Dieppe, France in 1942 — Item No. 7520: Churchill Mk.III Fitted For Wading, Operation Jubilee, Dieppe France 1942.



Churchill Mk. IV from Dragon Models

Item #7507: Churchill Mk. IV NA 75, 1:72 Scale — new British armor kit from Dragon Models.

#7507 Churchill Mk. IV NA 75, 1:72 Scale

Dragon #7507: Churchill Mk. IV NA 75, 1:72 Scale


Churchill & Eisenhower Accused of UFO Coverup?

News of the strange. The British Ministry of Defense has released hundreds of secret “UFO files” online. The files, published at http://ufos.nationalarchives.gov.uk/, span several decades and contain eyewitness accounts, sketches, and classified briefings. The files include a letter accusing Winston Churchill and Dwight Eisenhower of ordering the coverup of a wartime encounter between a UFO and an RAF bomber.