Churchill & Eisenhower Accused of UFO Coverup?

News of the strange. The British Ministry of Defense has released hundreds of secret “UFO files” online. The files, published at, span several decades and contain eyewitness accounts, sketches, and classified briefings. The files include a letter accusing Winston Churchill and Dwight Eisenhower of ordering the coverup of a wartime encounter between a UFO and an RAF bomber.


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4 comments to Churchill & Eisenhower Accused of UFO Coverup?

  • S t e v e

    Hmmmmmmmm. Somehow I don’t believe it. Sounds like Area 51.

  • Pat Flannery

    Yeah, somebody heard someone say that their friend heard that…
    No documentation, no story.
    I do have an interesting theory about the “Foo Fighters” though.
    German night fighters were equipped with infrared detection gear towards the end of the war, and most of the Foo Fighters were described as red in color.
    Did the Germans launch balloons with red flares on them to try to illuminate the bombers so that they could be picked up by the IR gear on the fighters?

  • sc

    Thanks for posting this.