An E/A-6B Prowler and E/A-18G Growler of Electronic Attack Squadron VAQ 129 photographed at NAS North Island near San Diego. The aircraft are painted in three-tone camouflage paint schemes honoring U.S. Navy combat aircraft that fought in the Battle of the Coral Sea during World War II, including Air Group 85 which operated from USS Shangri-La (CV 38, nicknamed “Tokyo Express”). U.S. Navy Photographs, SP2 Joseph Moon & SP2 Briana C. Brotzman.

U.S. Navy Camouflage Scheme E/A-18G Growler Camouflage E/A-6B Prowler Camouflage E/A-18G Growler Camouflage Scheme

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  • topdog

    hey 🙂 these retro paint schemes are beautiful — the army and air force should do some old wwii camouflage too.