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Maps of the European Fronts, April 1945

Map of Allied front lines in Europe in April 1945 from Newsmap, April 23, 1945.

WW2 Europe Map of War Fronts in April 1945

Liepzig was outflanked, Dresden threatened, and to the north the Elbe River was crossed despite stiff resistance. Allied airpower was smashing the Luftwaffe impotent from lack of fuel.

Vienna Taken -- WW2 Map -- April 1945

Two Soviet Armies liberated Vienna, and on the heels of this southern victory, Adolph Hitler told his people, the Red Army drive on Berlin had begun. Moscow remained silent, as of 17 April.

WW2 Italian Offensive Map

The Italian front was no longer static, both the Fifth and the Eighth Allied Armies taking the offensive. American troops took Vergato, while Eighth Army forces swept up Highway Nine through Imola toward Bologna.


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