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M36 External Travel Lock

Details of the external gun traveling lock mounted on the rear of the M36 “Jackson” tank destroyer from the M36B1 technical manual TM 9-748: 90-mm Gun Motor Carriage M36B1, War Department Technical Manual, U.S. War Department, Washington D.C., January, 1945. The travel lock was mounted on the rear engine deck, and the turret was traversed to the rear for extended travel. The travel lock latch is mounted off center and latches through a slot in the travel lock.

M36 B1 External Gun Travel Lock


a. Description. The gun traveling lock is hinged to brackets mounted on the rear engine compartment cover plate. To release the gun from the gun traveling lock, pull down on the release ring and, at the same time, raise the gun. To lock the gun in the gun traveling lock, hold the gun traveling lock jaws in a halfway open position and, at the same time, lower the gun into the gun traveling lock.

b. Replacement. Drive the lock pin from the right-hand side of each bracket. Drive both hinge pins from the brackets and remove the gun traveling lock. Position the gun traveling lock in the brackets and install the two hinge pins, making sure the lock pin hole in the hinge pin is in line with the lock pin hole in each bracket. Install the lock pin in each bracket.


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