King George V Class Battleships

From FM 30-50: Recognition Pictorial Manual of Naval Vessels, U.S. Navy Department, September 1943:

King George V Class (4 units)

  • BB13 – King George V
  • BB15 – Duke of York
  • BB16 – Anson
  • BB17 – Howe
  • BB14 – Prince of Wales (Lost 1941)

WW2 Battleship Royal Navy King George V


  • Two widely spaced tall, flat-sided stacks; athwartships catapult set in well deck between stacks.
  • Massive tower bridge with tripod foremast stepped close abaft bridge; light tripod mainmast.
  • Main battery mounted in one quadruple and one high twin turret forward, and one quadruple turret aft.
  • Relatively low flush-deck hull; wide quarterdeck.
  • Secondary battery is disposed in two pairs of super-firing twin mounts; each pair is abreast of a stack.

STRONG SIMILARITY TO: RENOWN (Brit. — CC), LONDON (Brit. — CA), FIJI Class (Brit. — CL), ARETHUSA Class (Brit. — CL), LITTORIO Class (Ital. — BB) from the air.

RESEMBLANCE TO: ALMIRANTE LATORRE (Chile — BB), LA ARGENTINA (Argentina — CL), CAVOUR Class (Ital. — BB) from the air.

King George V Class Battleship

King George V Class (4 units): Duke of York, July 1942; King George V, 1941; Duke of York, 1942.


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