Japanese Type 95 Tank Evaluation

Allied evaluation of the Japanese Type 95 light tank showing its strengths and weaknesses — ends with a drag race between the Type 95 and a Stuart light tank. (Source: U.S. Combat Bulletin No. 5.)


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1 comment to Japanese Type 95 Tank Evaluation

  • Pat Flannery

    It appears to be more mobile than I thought it would be; it doesn’t look like a very good design at all.
    Rather than all the sticking things under the turret ring to jam it or trying to set the engine on fire, I’d just stay away from it till a bazooka team or a Sherman could be called on to deal with it.
    This is one of the few tanks that the US military ran into during the war that the good ol’ 37 mm antitank gun should have been more than capable of dealing with.