Japanese Model 88 75-mm AA Gun

Description of the WWII Japanese Model 88 (1928) 75-mm Antiaircraft Gun from Japanese Field Artillery, Special Series No. 25, Military Intelligence Division, U.S. War Department, Washington, D.C., October 15, 1944.

Model 88 (1928) 75-mm AA Gun.

Model 88 (1928) 75-mm AA gun is the standard Japanese mobile antiaircraft artillery weapon. It has been encountered more generally in U.S. campaigns against the Japanese than any other artillery weapon. It has a high velocity which makes it suitable for use against ground targets, especially armor. It has been used both in defense of airfields against ground attack and in a dual-purpose role as an antiaircraft and coast-defense gun. For antitank purposes it has the advantage of all-round traverse and the disadvantage of limited mobility. It thus can be quite effective when fired from ambush against tanks, but it cannot shoot and run.

Japanese Model 88 75-mm Antiaircraft Gun

Weapon     75-mm AA gun, Model 88 (1928), 7-cm field gun.
General Characteristics Semiautomatic loading and firing.
Identification Five out-riggers. Pedestal mount.
Tactical Employment Ordinarily air defense but also in battle as 4-gun field battery.
Length of Tube 130.5 in.; 44.2 calibers.
Muzzle Velocity 2,360 f/s.
Maximum Range 29,848 feet (vertical).
Elevation 85°.
Depression 0°.
Traverse 360°, 5 minutes for complete traverse.
Rate of Fire: Maximum 15-20 rpm.
Ammunition AA pointed shell, HE, shrapnel, smoke, incendiary, and illuminating.
Type of Breechblock Semiautomatic horizontal sliding.
Type of Firing Mechanism Continuous pull percussion (Krupp type).
Rifling 28 grooves. 1 turn, 25.6 calibers.
Twist Uniform right hand.
Length 101.5 in.
Weight of Gun:
     Firing 5,390 lb.
     Traveling 6,039 lb.
Over-all Length:
     Firing 16 ft. 6 in.
     Traveling 14 ft. 9 in.
     Track 5 ft. 3 in.
     Maximum 6 ft. 4 in.
Height 6 ft. 7 in.
Road Clearance 1 ft. 2 in.
Method of Transport Tractor-drawn or 6-by-6 truck with winch.
Practical Speed on Good Roads Maximum: 12 miles per hr.
  Normal: 3 miles per hr.
Type of Equilibrator Spring cable.
Typeof Brakes Hand.
Wheels and Tires 36 by 6, 90 pounds pressure, rubber.
Trail 5 out-riggers with jacks for leveling.
Recoil System:
     Standard At 0° 54.6 in.; from 50°-85°, 23.4 in.
     Maximum 60.5 in.
Type of Recoil System Hydropneumatic, variable.
Type Fluid Recoil Cylinder Light fluid lubricating oil.
Type Fluid Counterrecoil Cylinder Light fluid lubricating oil.
Quantity Fluid Recoil Cylinder 4 qt.
Air Pressure Counterrecoil Cylinder 830.1-1,419 lb./sq in.


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1 comment to Japanese Model 88 75-mm AA Gun

  • s.f.

    It was a very old gun for WWII, from 1928, and was really obsolete by the time of WWII. Allied intel guys thought it was based on the German 88mm, but was more a copy of British guns from the 1920s.

    I doubt it ever shot down anything.